Angel Has Fallen review (2019 movie with Gerard Butler)

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It has been a while since I wrote a movie review, but now I thought it was time again. Not only because it is time, but because I got inspired to try the @steempeak platform again after reading a recent article from @namiks on the matter (why he has left Steemit and decided to use Steempeak instead). You can read it at

But, I decided to give Steempeak a try again, and what better way than by sharing my most recent cinema experience (and the only one I have had in the last half a year) with you all!

Morgan Freeman as the President.jpg
Morgan Freeman is playing the role as the American President in Angel has Fallen!

About Angel Has Fallen

Angel Has Fallen is the movie number three portraying Gerard Butler in his role as Mike Banning, an agent who has the task of taking care of the American President. In the fire movie he didn't really have the task, but as a super agent who took the task, even though the President held a major grudge against him. The second movie took us to London, and now the third movie is here, called Angel Has Fallen.

These movies are not fantastic productions in any way, but for those who love an action movie with a super person able to fix any problem, shot a lot of bad guys, and save the president, this is great action. But, I should warn you about the third movie, you have seen it before!

Angel Has Fallen is about an attack on the American President which leaves him in a coma, and everyone else is dead, except for Mike Banning. And when someone tries to blame him for what has happened (by planting a lot of evidence), he is taken captive and it really seems as if the good angel has fallen. Have you heard the story before? Does it remind you of Taken 3, or any other movie with the same plot? This is exactly like that, and the movie is just giving you what you would expect. Mike Banning manages to escape while in custody and now he has to prove his innocence and save the President from future attacks while staying off the radar.

Need I say more? I have got to say, the movie isn't great, but I had an awesome time watching it. The nachos and the salsa was fantastic, and I am actually able to enjoy such movies, even though I do know the story and can foretell every single event before they happen. The biggest surprise and the coolest in the movie is actually the entrance and the character of Mike Banning's father. He was just awesome, he was funny, and he came with some real fresh air to the movie.

My Angel has Fallen judgment

If you are picky when it comes to movies, skip this one. If you don't like action and just all the standard action cliches, skip this one. If you just want to relax, eat some popcorn and see some bodyguard fighting his way and beating all the bad guys, this might be a good one for you. Based on my experience, I would give the movie a 7/10. That is way better than the critics score at Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, but I guess I was simply happy to be able to go to the cinema again and eat some nachos!

One more thing... one of the last scenes of the movie portrays Morgan Freeman as the American President in a super funny photoshopped pictured, standing together with Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, and all the other guys... I just had a great laugh looking at it!

Have you seen Angel has Fallen? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Ps: I have really enjoyed writing the article using Steempeak. I guess I will repeat that in the future whenever I decide to write some more articles :)

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This is one of the few western movies in theaters at the moment here in Thailand and I wanted to support it simply because of the fact that most of the films we get here (from the western world) are stupid Transformer-esque CGI-fests that have no substance.

It's disappointing to see that you don't think it is worth the time though. This certainly affects my decision as to whether or not I am going to see it.

oh well, it will probably be determined for me in a couple days because any film without a 100 million dollar CGI budget normally disappears from the theaters here in Thailand in a weekend!

I enjoyed it and had a great time, but I guess most people will consider a stupid action cliche movie. Have you seen Olympus has fallen and London has Fallen? Those are the predecessors of this movie, so if you liked those, you might like this...

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I have not and was unaware they even existed. Perhaps I will start at the beginning. Thanks for the tips!

Those nachos and salsa, as well as having a laugh, sound pretty good. The movie itself does not necessary appeal to me, nor does the trilogy that I hardly heard of ( only the name 'Olympus has Fallen' rings a bell ).

To be honest, I've never been interested in the Taken series either. Thanks for letting me know what not to watch ;>)

The UI and the features are what Steem has been needing for the longest time. I'm glad my post convinced you, and hopefully others, to make the move.

Man, it feels much better already! It is only so strange because by default I type when I want to do stuff on the Steem blockchain, but I guess I will have to try to change the automatic keyboard strokes with now!

I will watch this movie, I like the role of Gerard Butler

He has for sure put on some weight, but he still suits the role well :)

He is always total with his work.


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