Black Panther Trailer Review by Grace Randolph (Did They Show too Much?)

in #movies7 years ago

Another one of my favorite Reviewers is Grace Randolph. I honestly don't always agree with everything she says, but that's also why I enjoy her. Grace points out things I usually would not look at. Here is her review of the new Black Panther Trailer :: after her very first time seeing it, this morning.

Did they show too much with the second Panther Reveal?

More good questions from Grace include whether or not this Trailer looked as good as Thor: Ragnarok. In my opinion I'd say yes. We are stepping into two very different worlds and each one cannot really be compared to one another. Thor's world is more mystic while, the Black Panther is in a technologically advanced civilization. There may be an element of mysticism but it's not the dominating factor in the 'powers' or fighting 'prowess' we see on display.

I think it's going to be a great film. - Check out Andre The Black Nerd as he Reviews the NEW Black Panther Trailer


Yeah, i like Grace (Beyond the trailer), although sometimes we do have different reactions to stuff. ☺
My best reviewer is Charlie of Emergency Awesome. That guy is great!

Charlie is my dude!! ::: I'm about to watch his reaction in a few minutes!

Thanks for dropping by

Finally saw his review and, as usual he did not let me down; i think he's 'wrong' about who Black Panther is 'shipping' --- but he always points out things I miss!

Yeah... I don't think Marvel will go there with that relationship. But a king does need his queen, right? And it seems she does care about T'Çhalla somewhat. What I'm more interested in is how the tribes will either be behind or against him --it will be very interesting if it turns out that majority actually don't believe in him and he really has to prove himself!

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