TOP 3 most typical film clichés

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These are some of the typical film clichés, events or situations that are repeated over and over again in movies and series that would not be possible in real life ...

FIRE WEAPONS: this place covers all the clichés that have to do with weapons such as a character firing a shotgun with one hand or firing a machine gun with each hand, those weapons have a great setback that makes them difficult to control even With both hands another example is when a person shoots large bursts again and again without changing the charger, usually the machine gun loaders have about 30 bullets but in the movies they shoot about 500 UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE: another very common cliche is that regardless of the country or planet of which the people are all speak the same language and even with the same idioms it is funny to see how in series like game of thrones cities of the same continent have different languages and then see how in the marvel universe the creatures of other galaxies speak as if they were from New York THE MONOLOGISTS OF L VILLAIN: something very typical is that at a certain point in the movie the villain and the hero take a moment to debate and that is when the villain tells his whole story or what his plans are and the hero ends up taking advantage of this to defeat him do not forget to leave your vote if you liked it and comment that you thought, greetings ~

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