Two Road Movies: Kodachrome and Pork Pie (Video Reviews)

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There are two basic ways to begin the story of a journey. One method is to introduce the characters at the beginning and then watch them work. This focuses all attention on the story, which had better be good. The second option is to start with a thread and let the characters emerge, along with other elements, as the story develops. Whether it develops organically or is served in vignettes or flashbacks, this approach often leaves more stones unturned, which can be either stimulating or frustrating.

This is a joint review of two movies I recently watched on video, each one beginning in a different way. In the first few minutes of Kodachrome, we meet all of the characters and we are told the rationale for the road trip. The main character, a struggling music agent, is reunited with his father for the first time in 10 years. Soon, it becomes clear why they have stayed apart from one another: they are both jerks with a lot of personal baggage.


The son is informed that his father is dying and learns of the old man’s last request: that his son accompany him on a road trip to a small town in Kansas which has the world’s last photo lab for developing Kodachrome film (for those of you who came of age in the digital era, Kodachrome slides were a favorite medium for professional photographers). The father recently found four undeveloped rolls of Kodachrome and has only a week before the lab shuts down forever. And oh, by the way, the father’s nurse/personal assistant is an attractive young woman and she’s along for the ride with the single son as well. What a setup.


Kodachrome serves up those elements right away. From the beginning, it’s clear exactly where this movie is going, straight in the same direction as so many other family melodramas. This is a story of self-discovery, redemption, and coming together again for a father and son who have a lot of issues to argue about. There are three time pressures: the last photo lab’s imminent closure, the father’s impending death, and the son’s job being put in jeopardy if he doesn’t deliver on a promise for his boss. It’s a race against time and the walls built by pain, loss, and two egos: will the son forgive the father and break down these walls before the clock runs out? Despite the fact that it relies heavily on sour one-liners (Dad: “Let me tell you something; happiness is BS…” Son: “So you know you’re a miserable a-hole?”). Thankfully, the dad is played by Ed Harris, who makes the biggest jerk somewhat likeable (Jason Sudeikis and Elizabeth Olsen round out the main credits).

Launching from a different spot is Pork Pie, a Mini Cooper ad/movie from New Zealand which is something of a re-imagined take on 1981’s Goodbye Pork Pie. It’s also about self-discovery, but with more comic relief and less clarity in terms of the characters’ personal journeys. In fact, if you like slapstick fun, it’s a rip-roaring barrel of laughs with sober stretches between gags. (Even amateur movie or book reviewers secretly yearn to use the words “rip-roaring barrel of laughs” at least once in a lifetime, so now I can cross that off my bucket list.)


Pork Pie begins with a dude (played by Dean O'Gorman) who is seriously down on his luck, sleeping on a friend’s sofa after ditching his own wedding. How can he possibly win back his true love unless he takes a spontaneous, epic road trip from one end of New Zealand to another? There’s a certain kind of logic to such a trip. Along the way, he meets some strangers (James Rolleston and Ashleigh Cummings), collecting their help, interweaving his journey with theirs, and attracting the attention of every cop in the country. As with Kodachrome, there’s a threesome of main players on the road here, and within that unstable number, there is a female character with the potential to pair up with one of the men.


Yet by the time each story matures, other characters have given the main heroes some screen time to complete their journeys of redemption. The personal development saga is more convincing in Kodachrome, whereas the protagonist in Pork Pie gives himself a chance to win merely if he can complete his marathon journey before getting killed or dragged off to jail. It’s no wonder the maker of Mini Coopers and the New Zealand Film Commission both kicked in some money for the movie, though. Besides being a re-imagined version of a classic NZ movie, it is a sweeping tour-by-Mini of the countryside with some likeable actors making us laugh.

In the end, Pork Pie is the shallower tale that doesn’t resolve some of its questions; one is left to wonder why they even bothered trying to make the movie into something more than a fun ride. The animal rights message, for example, falls completely flat. Kodachrome does a better job of fulfilling its promises. And yet, if I had to choose one of these movies to watch a second time, I’d forego the pain and vicious one-liners that Kodachrome’s father and son are hurling at each other for most of the drama. Pork Pie’s scenery and comic relief may not carry it all the way, but they’re more fun to watch.

Top image is used under Creative Commons license via by Tallus. Images from Pork Pie are from the movie by StudioCanal. Images from Kodachrome are from the movie, the rights to which are now owned by Netflix.


Hi @donkeypong, After some time you see you again with most interesting movie video review about Kodachrome & Pork Pie. Absolutely better story tale indeed there and some places most impressive to mine. I never read or watch about Kodachrome & Pork Pie; but exactly will watch it out later. For me, Prefer to watch various titles movies.

Kodachrome serves up those elements right away. From the beginning, it’s clear exactly where this movie is going, straight in the same direction as so many other family melodramas.

Of course, I also like to watch clear contents from beginning movie. Kodachrome movie better to mine than Pork Pie. But both stories tremendous and nice to read your excellent summery. Thanks for shared impressive looks indeed post and how much rate you given both stories.

It's a different way to begin a tale, but both can work. Thanks for the comment.

The movie "Kodachrome" sounds interesting with its character development. I'll have to check it out.

The present young generation won't understand Paul Simon's (and Garfunkel) song "Kodachrome" because they won't have any idea what Kodachrome film is. :-) Maybe the movie will help to explain it.

Good contribution. That song is before my time also, but I've heard it. Perfect fit for this post!

i hope they use "Kodachrome" by Simon and Garfunkel at some point in this movie, otherwise i will be really disappointed! man, how i wish i could use those old school songs in my videos without getting a copyright strike...

Yes, that's a good fit. It would be nice to make some of that material more easily available.

Well if this doesn't push Kodak into making Kodachrome or Ektachrome again then I guess nothing will. I don't give a shit how difficult or expensive they were to develop 😢

They probably won't. That movie is kind of a throwback. It was filmed in 35mm and was an ode to the past. I put in some time in a darkroom when I was younger, so I remember old camera films also. The father in Kodachrome compares the digital medium to "fake tits", but I enjoy being able to take lots more pictures, have control over them, and not have to worry about all of the lab chemicals, etc. even if something was lost with the demise of film.

2 different ways of telling a similar story, I've not watched any of these 2 movies, but I'll add them to my list but I'll probably watch kodachrome first just because Elizabeth Olsen is in it, oh the male brain sometimes is so primitive... oh well it has worked well for me so far! lol

If blonde hair and a pretty face is enough, then there's a woman in each of these movies fitting that description. Both are reasonably good actresses also, though their roles are somewhat limited here.

It's not the blonde and pretty face thing, it's most likely the superhero thing, I've not seen her in other movies outside the MCU so I'm also interested in that.

But also because she's cute too

Sometimes all we need is a good laugh, and because of it, we can look past the shallowness, and simply laugh and enjoy :)

Brian and I were just commenting how we hadn't "seen you around" lately and were missing your posts; hope all is well in your world :)

You're kind to ask. I was taking some time away with the family, relying on auto-votes and a few friends to curate my account while I was out. Back now, full-steem ahead. Hope you and Brian are doing well.

I hope you enjoyed your time away with family. Sometimes a break from all of this can be a good thing...recharge the batteries and all that :)

Brian and I are hanging in there. Things seem to be progressing slowing, so in my books, that's a good thing. Thanks for asking!

In my opinion, an movie should start from an middle of the story with an specific expression then after that glance we can shift the attention of audience and they can follow the rule of excitement to know the story, then from their we can start the beginning of the story.

Story should be like chess game and people should expect that next move will be this but it should not happen and it should give the check and mate essence to the audience.

Many hit movies in my opinion had an common point and that is addition of mystery which really ties audience and they can follow the excitement and until last aspect that movie should give one question and that is What's come next?

So, good to see that you are sharing the essence of how characters and story line can effect. And waiting for more posts to get the inputs and to share my experiences.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Great comment. Yes, that approach sounds quite reasonable. It depends on the story, the writing, and the direction.

Thank you so much for your kind appreciation. And movie can flow like water means, it depends upon the creator and as per the creators thought, the movie will take it's form. Stay blessed. 🙂

I have not seen any of these films, but you have quite emotionally and fully presented essence. And I think my choice would be Kodachrome. Despite my humorous nature, today I would choose something dramatic and profound. But again, it is today. And tomorrow perhaps, my preference would be given to light and dynamic Comedy. Most likely it's not about the quality of the film and its idea. And in our mood at a specific moment. Ask me about my favorite movie at a time when I'm sad and I'll say it's "Anna Karenina". But if you ask me about this at the moment when I am in a positive, I will answer that it is undoubtedly some kind of Comedy.

Different genres definitely appeal at certain times. A good drama is hard to beat, but much of the time, I'd rather be entertained!

Are you trying to get in the mood before some journeys of your own?

Are you trying to
Get in the mood before some
Journeys of your own?

                 - calatorulmiop

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Actually, I just happened to have watched both movies, and only after the second one did I realize there were some common themes. I'm a bit advocate for travel as a personal journey, however, so it's not unusual that I seek out movies that involve various trips.

Thank you @donkeypong
Kodachrome will add to my watchlist. (IMDb ratings 6.8/10)
this movie will be interesting and full of meaning. like many stories between a father and a son which has distance and problems.

"I realized it all after I became a father.."

Both of cinema movies has totally variation topics with main stories. Pork-Pie probably create fun and laugh to us and another Kodachrome movie feel some deeper touching to me. Anyway posted glorious blog @donkeypong. Everyone gonna try to find both paths of movies. Netflix has best movies I have seen before. This would be best also I guess.

Excellent review, my friend and the message from the Kodachrome movie is very correct, but I doubt everything I saw. What is ripening in my head for many years, it is impossible to correct in a short period, except to deceive myself. Therefore, those who are interested in the theme of forgiveness and repentance between children and parents - I ask here, that's exactly how it should be. Thank you @donkeypong

After reading your review about those two movie's it seems to me that you have written the script.How nicely you have reviewed.I haven't seen any one of those two movies.Now i am gonna see the both.I think in the film Kodachrome there is some element of thinking.On the other hand Pork Pie is just fun to watch.I will watch the both.Thank's for your review.

Hope you enjoy them!

It is interesting, how traveling somewhere is always about understanding your self more, and the place you come from.
I will put these on the "to watch" list :)

Yes, that's true with travel in general. Road movies show one kind of travel, but experiencing other places and cultures is even more profound, often for what they tell us about ourselves and our own place in the world.

It is even more interesting exploring the universe and knowing place of Earth in it. Actually that how the Cosmos series starts.

First of all congrats on your Dubs. What a dominating Finals Series. Big Dynasty now !! ;)

I really like Ed Harris and Sudeikis . Two of my fav actors. Even though you would rather watch the other again, I probably would like to see Kodachrome. Anyway, thanks for the Reviews

Btw, I'll be gone for a few weeks on a trip. So might be limited in getting around to visit many of my fellow Steemians and their blogs.

Great post. Once thing I've learned in life is "Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs."

One of the best cinematography I have ever seen in a 'film' up to date.
Character transitions were too random. A brilliant Olsen just a set peice for a maternal figure.
Sedeikis was at his wooden-best.
Kodachrome deserved a better send off.

Awesome movie sir.Thanks for the sharing it .

Amazing movie. This movie can make you good mood, yeah they are did silly things haha. I recommended to wacth this movie. Hilarious ending 😁

I am gonna watch this two film for sure.I am sure both of the film will be great to watch.The way you have described it make me interested about those two film.

Dear @donkeypong, just saw it im a die hard fan of the original this has better story and it has train check boat check wellington city station check car chases galore better girl she was a weirdo in the original guys i liked it and they also showed the mini hop off the train this time

We can learn a lot from a movie! Road movie is a bit more painful. It looks like it looks great! It was better than this story.

"Make noise if you're bored of your life". Watching this in the middle of 2016. Is Dike ok? is he even alive? If yes I'm a happy camper. Hip-hop is alive as soon mc's like this are carrying the torch. If you know what I mean.

a very good movie, I like it a lot. thanks @donkeypong

A standout amongst other cinematography I have ever found in a 'film' up and coming.

I have not observed any of these 2 motion pictures, but rather I'll add them to my rundown yet I'll likely watch kodachrome first since Elizabeth Olsen is in it, goodness the male mind some of the time is so crude.

Pork Pie mini review (<is that a pun?) Go and see this. 1. Because its cool to support NZ films. 2. Because it's really bloody good! - The Blondini gang are reborn right into the modern life with a deft re-imagining of the old classic... Wen't to the premier last night a little skeptical as you would be with a re-make (firs NZ film ever to be remade!) of this iconic flick we all love so much, and was not disappointed. It was different enough to stand alone and the same enough to give all of the recognition the original deserves and take you right back there. Excellent characters and acting - except for when Ashliegh Cummings pretends she is stoned as is clearly not experienced at this! ;) - a rare literal moment where in an otherwise seamless portrayal. Loads of colour. Epic beautiful scenery. AWESOME driving and all round a shit load of fun. Not as risque as the original but obviously audience targeted... and well. We took the children (pretty sure they were the only ones there which was weird - one 10 and the other 15) and they both LOVED it. The 10 year old was at the edge of his seat the whole time... smiling. Laughing. Even a few tears in it to round of a wholesome kiwi film done the way only we do. As we all were. So yes, Pork Pie team. Well done. Another kiwi movie to be proud of... I predict you'll do well with this one. SHINE on New Zealand Paul

there has many things to learn from you
I appreciate it dear..

The traditional melton mowbray pork pie has gelatinous pork stock added to the pie after its cooked. The name and process has European protection in the same way as champagne. The safety/culinary purpose was to help preserve the meat by filling any air holes in the pastry with low water activity jelly.

I've some issues with my father too, and I think I have to watch this movie, Kodachrome has my attention, so I think I can learn something from it.

Lose the cursing please. They just ruined what could have been a great movie. No need for those cuss words, does not add to the story.

I think this is very nice oponion,

Two Road Movies: Kodachrome and Pork Pie (Video Reviews)
donkeypong (74) in movies • 13 hours ago

There are two basic ways to begin the story of a journey. One method is to introduce the characters at the beginning and then watch them work. This focuses all attention on the story, which had better be good. The second option is to start with a thread and let the characters emerge, along with other elements, as the story develops. Whether it develops organically or is served in vignettes or flashbacks, this approach often leaves more stones unturned, which can be either stimulating or frustrating.

I am very interest read it and i have art know how to begins art story or movie after read your write. Thank you about your share.

Super great! Excited to watch already. @mosunomotunde would love this. She is so into movies

Ed Harris, is a great actor. and you tell the movie trailer very well. sometime i want to try to write like you do.

I wonder if it would be a successful reconciliation and reunion of a father-and-son broken relationship if you put Elizabeth out of the whole scene. It will be more dramatic and unpredictable for sure.

Not bad..... But it is still a wonderful movie..... Anyway

I would any day prefer the first type of story. I believe movies are for entertainment and not for anxiety so better keep it that way and enjoy the movie :-)

The way you presented the theme and the script of these two movies is really amazing and wonderful, you have really presented the similar story of these two movies in different ways that really be honest i have not seem any of the yet but the way you have presented them i surely fall in love with these two movies and cannot wait to watch them later in the evening..
thanks for sharing ..

I really enjoyed Kodachrome....
Although I kind of guessed the way it was going to still teared me up some.

It's a shame that it's a shallow movie. I tend to like something that has more substance. Thank you so much for the review I appreciate knowing this

Undoubtedly I would select the first version of the movie because it can be very emotional and thank goodness you did not finish telling the stories of the movie since it would be very boring not to know what could happen, in short I love your writing and the good meaning they have in your post to deduce this great topic.

I must admit i initially just wanted to flip through but after careful examination of the contexts of this post, i must say Sir : "A better writer on steemit found i yet not"

The way you compose the introduction, body and conclusion was as though you were born to write.

Elegant , classy, hip, cool and understandable all at the same time.

from today i will begin reading more movie reviews, as this one is great and made me experience the film in a nice sort of way..

No doubt this has to give a push to Kodak I think it is necessary to be an excellent application very interesting post greetings friend

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Kodachrome was a good movie...I'm glad that even though it went down some emotional roads, it didnt get bogged down in the feels.
I havent seen Pork Pie, as a matter of fact, never heard of it...will look for it on my streaming services...

Great movies
I would really love to watch pork lie in particular

Great movies I would
Really love to watch pork lie
In particular

                 - stephenpaul

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This type of movies I like because during the trip always happens something where the son or the father realizes some mistake he committed during his life and decides to do things right before dying, as if he wanted to amend his mistakes

A very nice post. I enjoyed reading your post much. And from this post I learned a lot that was very important for me. And I always come to this kind of post. Thank you very much. I can be very beneficial to get such a good post from you. I just do not. I have done all the benefits. Because this post is a good post. So thank you very much. We will get such helpful post in the next post.

Already click to agree, I am a newcomer! Please also pay attention to my article!

i think both of them are awesome @donkeypong

Hmmmm. I’ll have to put these on my to watch list.

Tom sir you are always awesome

hey man, just wanted to know did you invested in steem power /
P.S.: sorry for it being off topic!

Based on your review, I will choose to watch the movie Kodachrome Thank you for your review that made me know this movie. As a drama and romance writer, I like to watch movies with genres like Kodachrome. I like to explore about the relationship between child and father.

By the way, I just posted a book review by Haruki Murakami about his healthy lifestyle as a writer in the book What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. I hope you will check my post and hope you like it. Thanks for your attention.

Have a great day, sir @donkeypong

Great graphics have been received and the resolutions are never too good. I had to get the movie by reminding me a good time there are some suspension moments that will give hundreds of fun to every audience.

Thank you very much for giving a great quality movie review video :)

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