Spider-Man into the Spider-verse: The best film of the arachnid superhero (Spoiler-FREE)

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This is probably the movie that Spider-Man lovers have been waiting for all their lives. A love letter to fans and new generations who are about to enjoy the adventures of our favorite wall-climber for the first time.

Animation and OST



The visual aspect of the film is impeccable: the combination of 2D and 3D elements with the constant nod to comics and multiple references to pop culture; the compositions regarding the spaces, buildings of New York and the panoramics that allow us to immerse ourselves in the world of Spider-Man when he swings through the air, gives us a journey by itself through the eyes. Patrick O'Keefe, one of the film's art directors, said: "It was all about basic principles: Appreciation of the printed comic book form itself, the graphic simplification of animation, and admiration of live action cinematography." (Source: Polygon)

As for the music, the OST of this film transports us emotionally to each situation and reinforces what we are seeing on screen; the songs have a direct relation to Miles Morales, our protagonist, and his emotions or the situations he is living, as well as his family and social environment.

Multiverse and character development



When dealing with a subject as complicated as Spider-Man's multiverse, screenwriters do a great job of introducing us to each character and their respective stories without overloading us with information. In other words, despite the fact that there is a lot of data for a single film, they blend together perfectly thanks to the rhythm of the plot and how well managed the main narrative thread is, which is the origin story of Miles Morales.

The empathy we feel towards Miles is immediate and in every situation viewers feel very close to him. We appreciate a very big development in his character from the beginning to the end of the film, so the movie fulfills the purpose that we can put ourselves in Miles' shoes and feel affection for the protagonist of this story.

This film captures very interesting psychological and emotional aspects of Spider-Man's life that are reflected, in particular, in Peter Parker. This allows us to appreciate a more realistic version of the arachnid superhero, as well as the development of his character, which is as well narrated as Miles.

Villains with purpose



The main villain in this story does not commit atrocities simply because "he is evil" and that's it, or "he wants to dominate the world." He does it for very personal reasons that fit the character perfectly. It allows us to feel empathy for him, or to be against him and understanding his motivations at the same time. The film not only takes the trouble to treat each main character individually and gives us fair information about each one so that we can get to know them, but it does the same with the most relevant antagonists for the plot.

The leap of faith



Let me tell you an anecdote about this. On June 6, 2018, I published an article on Steemit called "Miles Morales' leap of faith" when only the teaser and the first trailer of the film had come out. I analyzed the scene in which the teaser was centered, where Miles jumps into the void from a building in his Spider-Man suit, while Vince Staples' song "Home" plays in the background.

The image's impact on me was such that I had to sit down and write something about it. The first thing the scene produced in me was the feeling of being there with Miles, jumping into the void, and I knew that this character must be in a predicament at that moment. Surely it was a point of no return in the story and the protagonist should take the resolution of his identity as Spider-Man, who he is and what he should do with his powers, what is his role in the world. All this gathered in my head until a phrase, very obvious to me, came up: a leap of faith. That's what it was. This scene was a leap of faith for Miles, and that's why I used that title in my article.

How surprised I was when, months later, shortly before the premiere of the film, Sony revealed a clip entitled "Leap of Faith" in which we appreciate the scene where Miles makes this leap. Here, we can see Miles putting on his mask as he contemplates the void with some hesitation, as he recalls a conversation with Peter Parker: "When do I know I'm Spider-Man?" asks Miles, and Peter answers "You won't. It's a leap of faith." Miles makes the final resolution and jumps. The panoramic view of the scene gives us the impression that Miles is not only falling: he is rising. In the background we hear the song "What's Up Danger" by Blackway & Black Caviar.

I confess that when I saw this clip I could not hold back my tears, because I felt that my first interpretation when I saw the teaser was correct and I was reading the situation correctly because the image is very well done and conveys what it wants. When I saw the film, that sensation solidified completely.

I leave you that clip here, and I recommend that you go and see the film while it is in theaters. Don't waste time and go to climb walls with Miles and jump through the air!


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