Have You Had Enough Of The Movie Reboots And Remakes Yet?

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The movie remake phenomenon continues, with at least 100 movie remakes and reboots reportedly currently in the works.

The Matrix is being re-made, Home Alone is allegedly being remade, along with movie favorites like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Crow, Men In Black, Aladdin, Starship Troopers, and many others.

Originality seems to be in short supply as many producers look to funnel their efforts toward making sequels, remakes, and reboots.

When it comes to funding an entirely new project, investors don't know if they are going to be able to bring a crowd to the theater and if that project is inevitably going to see success. Whereas with a reboot that comes with a familiar name, it's more likely that they will see a decent return on their investment and for that reason they continue to cater to nostalgia.

Taking old films in a new direction doesn't always work out however and many of these films don't have very impressive ratings.

For at least 100 remakes that had been released between 2003 and 2012, the average score that they received on Rotten Tomatoes was roughly 46 percent, compared to the score that the original films had generated which was around 78 percent. However, sometimes they do generate a lot of income despite possibly having many negative reviews, but that isn't always the case.

Take The Mummy from 2017 for example, it received plenty of negative reviews and while it still generated more than $400 million worldwide it was still labeled a box office flop because of the high production costs and the ultimate projected losses that they faced in the end.

The new Ghostbusters was also heavily criticized and just like The Mummy they too made the mistake of investing too much into the project and their high production costs ultimately meant that the film, despite the $220 million it generated, was still considered a dud.

It's risky to embark on a new creative endeavor and many producers and other filmmakers might not be willing to take that risk and that's why they prefer to stick with what is familiar and what has proven to work in the past.

But not everyone is afraid of creating something new. Netflix has invested billions of dollars into funding new content. And maybe for this reason, a growing number of people will prefer to go to Netflix for entertainment than their local theater; if they grow tired of all the reboots and remakes.

Just because a film is being remade or a franchise is being rebooted etc, doesn't mean that it doesn't have the potential to be great. However, although they do have the potential to generate a great deal of wealth for film studios, the truth is that many remakes and reboots have been considered total failures at the box office.

The Mummy via tumblr
Ghostbusters via gifphy

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Yes, I have had enough with rehashing proven brands.

However, I must admit that I liked the StarTrek reboot.

It is as if Hollywood is not ready to take a risk with a new idea. So they rehash existing themes and brands.

I watched the Robin Hood reboot. It seems that is was made for sequels. After watching it, I think some of the magic is missing. But I will give any sequel a try.

I am not sure how many Batman reboots there have been. Sometimes a copy of copy just loses some of the appeal of the original.

The new Tomb Raider reboot was interesting. If a sequel is made I will watch it.

Have a great weekend!
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Many of the remakes make the mistake of trying to appeal to a too broad of target audience instead of the original fan-base through dumbing story telling so anyone could follow the plot, lots of CGI for action movie fans like the Transformer movies and trying to diversify like the female ghost buster cast and weak non-offensive jokes.
At least for Disney remaking movies is easy money as they don't risk it with new IP but will be needed to advance movie entertainment.

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Generally avoid the hollywood crap these days better go for something with originality and meaning 💯🐒

No way I'm not going to the cinema for a Matrix do-over.

Nothing is wrong with a Reboot. Humans have been retelling stories since the dawn of time. I really don't care if Hollywood loses money and if people want to waste their time watching garbage they can go ahead. Seeing historical inaccuracies and political correctness work its way into films is a more interesting subject.


some might think that the project is being rebooted specifically for that purpose of possibly injecting inaccuracies or some agenda :) ..would def be an interesting idea for a post!

Remakes are so chancy but the filmmakers are willing to put trillions of dollars into the projects. All I can say is wow.