1BR - Creepy neighbors with a gentle face

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Sometimes there is a dark secret hiding in plain sight in what appears to be normal places. Here we have a regular girl looking for a new apartment, and when visiting this building she finds a lot of gentle people with nothing suspicious about them. Just a regular building and neighbors.

A guy her age happens to be here and they begin chatting a little bit. They seem to have a nice time with each other and after soliciting the apartment she leaves. Soon after, she is informed she can move to the apartment and her happiness is through the roof. When arriving, the same guy her age is coincidentally her next-door neighbor.

Everyone is very familiar with each other, and soon after she arrives the neighbors are doing a barbecue. She is, of course, invited to come to eat and get to know the other people living here. The people are very chatty and happy so everything is great in this place.


This movie gives an intense feeling of mystery and suspense, so I would not say much about what is really happening in this place because it would reduce the intrigue in future viewers. Without spoiling anything, I can say that this movie has decent but not totally unexpected twists.

There are 1 or 2 scenes with semi-gore content, but nothing too extreme like the content that can be found in movies like Saw or Hostel. There is a very mild semi-gore scene and it doesn't last much. The plot is original and right now I cannot think of a similar story with the same setting.

The performances were good despite the absence of well-known faces and I really liked the ending showing a major conspiracy unfolding. If you enjoy a good mystery/thriller and can tolerate a little bit of gore, then you might have a good time watching this film.


The best

  • I enjoyed the dark ending and I can see the potential in possible spin-offs. But I doubt this will happen because the movie is not very popular.
  • Good suspense and mystery at the beginning of the film. It rapidly turns into a semi-gore situation and I was afraid this was going to be a film similar to Martyrs (the most hardcore film I have ever watched, very disturbing and not really enjoyable, just dark and evil). Luckily, this story was different. It does have a decent level of suspense but some scenes could be too strong for some people.

The worst

  • There were a few semi-gore scenes. Personally, I am not a fan of gore. This was included to force an impression in the viewer of how serious the situation was.

More information: https://www.themoviedb.org/movie/611605-1br
Review: AAA
In numbers: 7/10