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RE: New on Netflix: The Irishman

in #movies8 months ago

I enjoyed it as well and is definitely worth watching. I noticed the Kennedy assassination has been linked to the mob on a couple of movies/series now for the actions he took once elected.I had heard of Jimmy Hoffa before, but had no idea how he fitted in and that I found interesting. These guys are looking way past their sell by dates and Pesci is looking his age.


There was something about them actually making Pesci look older than he actually is but at that point i was already up to 700 words so i skipped it. Basically they made DeNiro look younger in some parts but to compensate for it they made these guys who are past their sell-by date (lol, btw) look older than they are in certain scenes as well.

They had to make De Niro look younger as he had a family and had to show his kids growing up. I must admit some of the scenes they probably had very little make up. I thought it was funny watching them in prison as it was like an old age home.

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