An Explanation/Review of Looper: a Time Travel Sci-fi movie!

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Looper: A Movie Review

Looper is a Sci-fi Time Travel movie about individuals called “Loopers"
In my opinion, it is an amazing movie, and after watching it I thought I should do a movie review on it.

Warning : this review will have spoilers

Information about the movie:

Looper was made in 2012, and was Directed and Written by Rian Johnson, who also directed Star Wars: The Last Jedi!
It is considered a drama/thriller movie, although it may seem like an all-out Sci-fi movie.

The main cast consists of well-known actors such as:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Young Joe), Bruce Wills (Old Joe) and Emily Blunt (Sara)

The movie has also won numerous awards, such as the ASCAP award and IGN Summer Movie award (and lots more awards as well)

The Plot

To start off you have to familiarize yourself with what "Loopers" are and how the time travel works.

In the future time travel has been invented, but it was instantly outlawed.

Due to this, only criminal organizations and the mob use time travel.

In the future it is extremely hard to kill someone and dispose of a body (due to tracking/tagging). So they send the body back in time (which is really the present) and have the "Loopers" kill them (and dispose of the body).

Here comes the tricky part.

Loopers keep killing these people sent by the mob until they finally kill their future self.

This might confuse you a little bit (it confused me too). So I'll try to explain it.

After the Loopers kill their future self, they get to live for 30 years, until THEY are sent back in time to be killed by THEIR younger self. This is called "closing your loop"

30 Years after the present time (i.e when the movie takes place) is when time travel is invented, so this is when the mob starts sending people back in time to be killed.

The movie takes place in 2044, and time travel is invented in 2074. When you close your loop, you live your life for 30 years, with all the gold they give you (for completing your loop).

Then after 30 years of living your life, you are sent back in time to be killed. So the younger self can kill you and complete their loop. This all goes around in a circle, or a "loop".

The rest of the plot:

The main character (Joe) meets his future self, and hesitates. This allows the older Joe to retaliate and run away.
Young Joe kills the older Joe which completes his loop. He goes to live his life for the next 30 years in China and meets someone and falls in love.

Unfortunately, it's been 30 years, and (now old Joe) has to be sent back and killed (to complete younger Joe's loop).

Luckily, old Joe has prepared for this. The one sending back the older versions of the Loopers to be killed are closing the loops at this time. The one orchestrating this is the "Rainmaker". This evil figure is closing all of the loops.

Sadly, his wife/lover is killed in the crossfire. When Joe is abducted by the "loop closers" he fights his way out of their grasp, but decides to go back and time to kill the Rainmaker before he becomes the Rainmaker.

So old Joe travels back in time, escapes from young Joe (not unlike his circumstance 30 years before) and figures out 3 possible locations of a "baby Rainmaker".

Young Joe decides to meet with old Joe, old Joe tells him what has happened, and why he wants to kill the Rainmaker. The Looper organization tracks them down and they split apart.

Joe stumbles apon one of the suspected future Rainmakers. He tells the mother what is going on and he vows to protect them against his older self.

His older self tracks down the 2 other boys and kills one, while the other one was set up as a trap. Old Joe escapes the Looper organization HQ and after recieving memories confirming the location of the Rainmaker, which happened to be the place where Young Joe was.

Young Joe encounters Old Joe, but Old Joe slips past him and runs after the mother and her son. Her son unleashes some tele-kenetic powers which confirm him as powerful as the Rainmaker.

Young Joe sees that the children's mother might die and set him down on a dangerous path leading to his uprising as the Rainmaker.

Young Joe decides to change this, by killing himself which stops Older Joe from killing the kid's mother. In turn they both die and dissapear forever.

The End.

Wow that was long, if you enjoyed that please upvote and follow me!

If you are still confused here is a diagram that should help explain the timeline of everything:

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