Indian movies are so cool! Even without sex! [RECOMMEND]

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You know, recently watched a few Indian films. The first was called "Badrinath Ki Dulhania". In the center of events is a young man by the name of Badrinath. He is a native of one of the wealthiest families of India. The guy used to the fact that no one can resist his charms, and therefore was sure Vaidehi accept his attentions. However, after he fell in love with a fatal beauty, Badrinath received unexpected refusal.

About love, about soul. 

This is briefly about the plot. Actually, you know, in this movie there are no sex scenes. This is incredible. And that's fine. The attention of a hungry man is easy to attract food - but it is not art. True art is food for the soul. If what is happening on the stage or on the screen interesting without sex, then it is true art that aims for the soul.

When there's a lot of sex - relations are primitive. 

These relations are very quickly bored. But if the relationship flows the emotional feeling from the heart, this is truly the opportunity for endless enjoyment. 

Tired of the primitive relations shown to me from the screens, I with the great pleasure plunged into the world of Indian romance. It's fresh and clean. Cheerful and life-affirming. It's beautiful, as it evokes the warmest and wonderful feeling. 

And what is our life - what is its meaning? 

The goal is to understand something? Or to feel something? Everyone chooses how to spend the allotted time. My life goal is to feel joy in my heart. It does not matter if I don't know how to solve the integral equation or how to fix Tesla car. I do not care for it. 

Only one thing is important for me - do I feel joy and tenderness in the soul or not. And it's amazing, but this Indian movies help me tune to this wonderful wave.

P.S. I'm so glad to be with you again! Thank you, Steemit! 

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M Indian, Bollywood is cool, but at some point you will ignore fairy tale. I don't like these anymore.

Man alive!! Welcome back @omfedor! I thought we lost you for good. Glad to see you posting again. I took a sabbatical myself, but I'm back and I'm bad

Thanks for the recommendation!

Cool! I follow you. +UP