Black Bond? Idris Elba is the favorite to be the new James Bond.

in movie •  3 months ago

Daniel Craig is still the official agent 007, but if he decided to leave his role, Idris Elba would be the best positioned actor to succeed him. Known for his roles in The Wire playing drug trafficker Russell 'Stringer' Bell or the movie Thor, Elba could become the first black actor to star in the most famous secret agent in the film after revealing that the producers are thinking about sign him.

Elba At the moment she prefers not to comment on that possibility and has assured that sometimes it is also time for 007 to be a woman.

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I think he would be a good choice as new bond actor. He can play the cool and badass character that's necessary to be James Bond. And he also fits the "darker" way the new bond movies went with daniel craig.

That would be great. but in this world, even with racist prejudices, it is the terrible thing. I bet it's like that.
But nevertheless also that option that he proposes must be very good so that the woman is no longer seen only as an object.

Be frank ..i hate this name when someone from telegram with this name stole my $50 Btc lol


Wow, who stole $ 50 from you?


Still unknown.. some hackers i thing.. 😀