Mystery Movie Quote WINNERS - @shaungerow and @ronaldoavelino recieves SBD PRIZES for the Horrible Bosses !!!

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Today, @shaungerow recieves the 1SBD PRIZE for Horrible Bosses (2011)!!!

Today, @ronaldoavelino recieves the 1SBD PRIZE for the Horrible Bosses Secret Quote !!!

Several weeks ago, I introduced the Secret Quote portion of the Mystery Movie Quote posts.

Several days ago, I created a Mystery Movie Quote, including selecting a Secret Quote.

Today, @ronaldoavelino recieves the 1SBD PRIZE for the Horrible Bosses Secret Quote for his reply. . .

  • The name is "Horrible Bosses".
  • "Dave Harken: Life is a marathon and you cannot win a marathon without putting a few bandaids on your nipples!"


The Secret Quote Image Above

Today I posted the picture above that displays the Secret Quote.
The picture above is from a TV game show program, You Bet Your Life, hosted by Groucho Marx.
During the game show, if a contestant stated the "Secret Word" of the day, then they received a bonus prize.

This is the inspiration of the "Secret Quote" prize for my Mystery Movie Quote.

The "Secret Quote" was:

  • "Life is a marathon, and you cannot win a marathon...
    ...without putting a few Band-Aids on your nipples, right?"

Also, I selected "nipples" as the featured "Secret Word" of the Day, using the image from the original show.

This secret quote was also later discussed in the movie

  • "You can't win a marathon without putting some Band-Aids on your nipples."
  • "What does that mean?"

This secret quote was also later referenced in the movie

  • "How you like them nipples?"

The post for the Mystery Movie Quote is below:

FREE 1SBD PLUS 1SBD - Mystery Movie Quote: " I don't win a lot. " - What's the Movie ?

FYI: Introduction from several weeks ago...

Mystery Movie Quote: For Free SBD

The Mystery Movie Quote where we have a lot of fun in the replies and I end it with prizes of SBDs.

The "Secret Quote".

I'll be introducing a new Instant Prize for the "Secret Quote".
Here's how the "Secret Quote" will go. If ANYONE replies with the "Secret Quote" then they will Instantly Win 1SBD. The "Secret Quote" will be a quote from the Mystery Movie.

  • by goldkey


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Thanks for your support

Thanks, my friend!


You are welcome. . . Thanks for all your support and your interaction in the contests. All the support is appreciated.

Congrats, guys! Well done. :)

And thanks, @goldkey for putting on the contest! I think I have a better idea of how the secret quote works, so I'll try again next time.


Thanks for joining. . . Keep joining and remember to leave a quote in the Mystery Movie Quote contest, it might be the Secret Quote.

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of the day, then they recieved a bonus prize.
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