Monsters (short review)

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I just watched a movie called Monsters.

It's an extra terrestrial alien movie about a photographer rescuing a girl from Mexico, and of their journey through "the infected zone" and its dangers.


It was a very enticing story. I liked the plot, although it got me a bit sad. There are so many things we humans do without knowing the truth to all things. I wonder how we would really react if a foreign species such as the ones in the movie were to be found.

The name of the movie is telling.

I recommend this movie. Do watch it!

Here's a trailer:

See ya!

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Ah I missed this movie! It seems great will give a try indeed! Thanks for sharing this nice review Jaro!


The name of the movie sound familiar, so I thought I have watched it, but when I previewed it, I don't think I have watched it. I will try to find time to watch it.

If that movie is very good ,. I can also recommend a-quiet-place-2018

It is very good the theme is also extra-terrestrial and the outcome in crazy.

The movies that I see are of terror and suspense,
Especially that I have a lot of suspense.
And although I do not like extraterrestrials, the short looks good.
I think I'll take your recommendation.

This made me think of another movie besides King of Hearts; concerning your question of how we would behave if we encountered an "alien" species, the movie District 9 has an interesting take.

ughhhh, i thought there will be monsters with tentacles.
I like to watch movies with lots of violence, blood and creepy deaths.
Saw Series and Grudge series are all good :)

72 percent on RT and 63 percent on meta critic - not bad! I will check this out tonight and see how it goes.

I was thinking of looking for something tonight and then saw this post :-)


You won't be disappointed I think. :)

I like hollywood movies , but only in hindi dubbed . Nice trailor of monster film


I don't like dubbing, I think subtitles are much better. :)

from Mexico

This caught my attention, maybe I will watch it too.

@gamer00 - Sir dealing with huge monsters is a very bad idea... That's why I hate aliens... Good short review Sir...


Looks kinda cool something i will definitely watch for sure :D

Thanks for sharing bud, going on my to watch list for sure. How are you keeping, how did your training go and how is Leo?


Training went well. My arms and chest is feeling it now. We are doing leg workout tomorrow morning.

I was supposed to post video of the last gym session, but I realized editing and rendering a video is actually much work so I'll put those up when I get my previous videos processed.

Leo is doing great, he's joining our go tournament on Saturday. I see that he is playing pretty well for not having practiced at all for a while.


Nicely done buddy. Leo will turn into a champ for sure t this rate, good guidance makes a difference. Looking forward to that training video

The movie story is very nice , i will try to watch the movie . I hope i enjoy this movie .

Thanks for sharing @gamer00
Upvote you .

Trailor is amazing , movie will be also amazing

Great to read this review and for sure aspect of Alien or Unidentified Flying Objects is an known mystery and now and then we hear the news about this aspect.

And yes, we don't know if these news are right or wrong but we have to thing in different aspect and that is, we are here that is truth and we have so many galaxies and planets so how we can neglect the life on different planet.

And in my opinion this one aspect is interesting and it collected many views and stories from many decades and let's hope that in future we can face the reality. 🙂

Monster movie trailer increase my passion to watch it. Dolby digital sound incredible. I prefer to watch like monsters movie. But happen scary feelings. Nice selection @gamer00.

Now , I watch only trailer so interesting.

This movie looks awesome and intriguing. I am a bit confused about good and bad aliens. According to Dr Greer, aliens or interstellar
beings are not malevolent. But the information given by Phil Schiender indicated that he had a shooting fight and injury from a shoot out in the underground with the Greys!

movie too good, the suspense is extremely good

Well will give it a shot buddy !

Saved in the watchlist of mine !