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I'll try not to give away too many spoilers. But there are a few in this post.


This was such a fun and delightful movie and probably one of the best from the DC Extended Universe. I'm glad that DC has jumped on the Marvel bandwagon with this movie. There is a ton of positive messages in the movie, the humour will gel with different age groups, and the overall charm of the characters rubs off on you.

Unlike some of the other DC movies which are quite dark themed this one is quite different. The characters are infact quite adorable. It's a funny, family oriented movie that I found myself enjoying very much even.

The story revolves around a trouble making 14-year old foster-kid played by Asher Angel who ends up in the secret lair of the powerful but aging wizard who gives him the powerful ability to transform into an adult superhero played by Zachary Levi every time he utters the word Shazam!

As with most superhero movies, there's obviously a super villain played by Mark Strong. He fits the role quite well and does justice as the antagonist in the movie. The monsters that represent the 7-deadly sins over the world are also well made in terms of CGI.

The relationship between characters Billy Batson/Shazam and Freddy who is a disabled foster-kid part of the family that Billy joins in the movie works great in the context. Freddy played by Jack Dylan Grazer does justice to his role. Infact it seemed hard to find a character I disliked in this movie, same for any actor playing their roles.

Infact most roles are well played through the light hearted and more darker parts of the movie. I really enjoyed the parts where they try to discover the powers of Shazam. I wasn't expecting how the ending turned out to be either. So there were quite a few surprised thrown in for me.

This is an excellent entertainer and you won't be disappointed. Take your family and friends along with you for this one and have a good laugh while you're at it.

There are also two scenes: mid-credits and post credit and you shouldn't miss either of them.

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I heard this movie is shit and people are walking out of theaters as soon as they are done with their popcorn. This is country wide and is now known as the Shazam.



If you expect something like the Avengers you might be disappointed. Movies are subjective.
I liked this a lot more than I liked Justice League for example. :)

I already saw the movie and it's excellent.
It is simple and uncomplicated with many mentions to the other heroes of this universe.
Great post
a greeting

I was so drunk I slept through most of it...

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I wanna see it after exam thanks for your review Sit

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Good luck with your exams.


Thanks Sir

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I haven't watched it yet. Will try to watch it soon. Thanks for sharing @firepower

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Honestly speaking this is not my type of Movie but how you wrote about this Movie makes me wanna try to watch this. So I will watch this Movie in a week or so.

But I am here to suggest you a Movie that I watched Yesterday.😁 I have been suggesting this movie to almost everyone I know so now that my eyes fell on a Movie post I couldn't help but shout out the Movie name. I hope you don't mind.

I am talking about The Escape Room which a Suspense Thriller and I hugely recommend it for watching.


I actually missed watching this in the theatres. Will watch it soon. Thanks for the recommendation. Have you seen the SAW series? The trailer of this movie reminded me of that and others like it.


Yes I have seen SAW and it looks similar at first but there is a distinct difference in the fact that SAW was strictly Horror with a hint of Thrill but in this Movie it is Suspense plus Thriller and One question that always stays in the back of your mind.

I can't say the Question as it will spoil the Suspense aspect.

Going to watch this today!

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Finally, a movie that gives the "real" Captain Marvel justice! I haven't watched it yet but I'm looking forward to it. I heard it doesn't have an agenda like the "other" Captain Marvel, so there's that too.

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