A Geeky Guy’s Movie Guide to Deadpool 2 (2018)

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Here is probably the only thing most people who clicked on this need to know: if you enjoyed Deadpool you must see Deadpool 2 ASAP.

For several months leading up to the release of Deadpool 2, I kept hearing rumors that test audiences had major problems with the movie. Some were saying that the creators had lost their minds and taken the merc with a mouth down the completely wrong path.

Even though this made me a bit nervous, I still had to see Deadpool 2 on opening day (in a high quality Dolby theater). I honestly think that those reports of Deadpool's failure were either an elaborate hoax, flat out lies, or the ravings of a crazy person.

Deadpool 2 was freaking awesome!

I loved the first movie. I was blown away by how entertaining yet incredibly wrong it was. It was so wrong in fact that I have vowed never to watch it in the same room with my son... ever. Even when he's 30, I would not feel comfortable watching that level of wrong with someone whose diapers I used to change.

I'm still not sure if I like Deadpool 2 better than the original or I merely like it differently from the original. Although I truly enjoyed his origin story mixed in with a little "romance", having to tell it slowed down the first movie a little bit. Deadpool 2 does not have that handicap. It is basically action or jokes for the entire 2 hours (including 5 hilarious after the credit scenes).

Another dilemma I am having is what I would classify this movie as. Obviously it is a comic book movie. However, I am not sure if it is an action movie or a comedy? Right now I am leaning toward comedy. Although it is filled with impressive action sequences, there are at least six jokes I can think of that are still making me laugh the day after seeing the movie. In fact, I am cracking up writing this right now. Therefore, I would argue this is a comedy that happens to fill time between jokes with incredible, over the top, violent action sequences.

After watching this movie, I kept comparing it to another recent comic book movie that really surprised me: The Lego Batman Movie. Please don't misunderstand this. The Deadpool series is NOT for children. Heck I don't even think it is for many adults. The reason I was reminded of The Lego Batman Movie is that it was not required for either one of them to be a good movie. The writers could have thrown together a lazy and cliche story, sat back, and counted their money. Instead, both actually came up with a clever story and paid very close attention to detail.

Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (who collaborated on the highly underrated Zombieland) did not miss a single opportunity to slide in a well timed joke about the Marvel or D.C. universe. The team also included many inside jokes and Easter eggs for fans of the comic. Although they did not thoroughly flesh out the character of Cable, they took enough time to explain his motivations.

No. Cable's motivation is not to sweep DP off his feet.

Perhaps my favorite detail was the perfect use of songs. If you check out the soundtrack, you may find some very surprising artists (Dolly Parton? Cher? Air Supply? A-ha?). Trust me. These songs are used in the most clever ways possible. Not to be outdone, the original songs written for the movie are BRILLIANT! Although some of them are hard to decipher during the actual movie, if you stay for the credits, you will be able to truly enjoy them for their comic genius.

It wasn't just the songs that were surprising. I was shocked at how moving some parts of the story were. We all know I am a complete wuss who is not afraid to cry at insurance commercials, but even I was amazed that I found myself tearing up at a few scenes. This was more proof that these writers actually wanted to create something more than just a mindless action movie. They clearly put maximum effort into this.

The story, humor, music, and characters are all impressive. But what about the action? First of all, there is plenty of it. Without having to spend too much time on an origin story, they are able to jump right in with the action and do not have to break from it for very long. The special effects are acceptable... but they are not spectacular. For some reason, I do not think the CGI characters in this movie are as good as the ones in the Disney produced Marvel or Star Wars franchises. There is also one scene involving the X-Jet landing that looks absolutely terrible. It looked like low quality television special effects rather than those for a blockbuster movie. Even with these flaws, the action did its job. It was plentiful and exciting.

This is how I transitioned from action to my new favorite character. I'm clever.

Before I wrap this up, I would never forgive myself if I did not mention my favorite new character. No it is not Cable (although Josh Brolin was perfectly cast in this role). Although Cable is very cool and I can't wait to see what he does next, Domino was simply amazing. Even though I do not recall seeing Zazie Beetz in any other movies, I will never forget her portrayal of Domino in this one. Not only is she funny, she holds her own in her action scenes. She did not quite upstage the star as was the case with the women in Black Panther, but she was a close second.

Regardless of the fact that there were some plot holes and some characters did things that made no sense, the laughs, action and heart made up for these minor blemishes. That being said, after you see this movie, please try to explain to me why she just didn't stop the freaking truck right away? Why was there a chase? Because I don't want to spoil anything, I won't say anything more about the scene. Trust me. You will know it when you see it.

By the way, the post credit scenes are a must see!

Some are saying there are five post credit scenes. I see it as one that is broken up into five sections. Either way, they are hilarious! After the five are complete, I would recommend sticking around to listen to he lyrics of the original songs. They are masterpieces of juvenile humor.

Possible yet very tiny spoiler below.

The song and video Take on Me by A-ha plays a pretty important role in this movie. If you are too young to remember the video, it was considered quite groundbreaking when it was created. It is one of the most memorable and iconic videos of the early MTV era (you know when MTV was about music and videos). If you have never seen it, you should watch it before the movie. Being familiar with it will make the movie better.

Geeky Guy's Movie Guide

Number of times I fell asleep: 0 (It's kind of hard to sleep with so many people laughing.)
Number of eye rolls: 0 (1 major one. Stop the truck!)
Number of face palms: 3 (Some things were so wrong, in the best way, that I just had to hide my face)
Number of times I checked steemit: 0
Can my kids see it: No. No. No. No. No. No. No.
Number of times I will watch it: At least one more time in the theater and I will buy the DVD
Full price/Matinee/Rental/Free/Not worth the time: Full price in Dolby if possible.

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"They clearly put maximum effort into this."
Oh, @hanshotfirst, you clever devil!
I see what you did there!

Thank you for all of your movie reviews; this one got me especially excited to see DP2 today.


Yes! You got the joke!


You have been nominated @hanshotfirst! 😀
For the Comedy Open Mic round on my Deadpool 2 movie review!
The review link is much like the movie, safe for work, but not meant for consumption by children 🙂 https://steemit.com/funny/@scan0017/deadpool-2-a-love-story-open-mic-round-14-2nd-submission


Powerful @hanshotfirst 🤝
Let's hope Ryan Reynolds is successful in the courting of his good friend Hugh Jackman, and can convince him to bring out The Wolverine one last time in Deadpool 3-D...
The buzz on Deadpool 2 is incredible!
Fingers crossed that they break some sales records this weekend and they're compelled to make a third 😄😀😀
I haven't been this excited to see a movie since
The Dark Knight.


I can't wait to see this, unfortantly there's no cinemas in Canoa, Ecuador. I'm going to have to take a long bus trip to the city


Here's a little for the bus fare.


Thanks bro!


Here's a little more 🙂


Maybe my favorite detail was the perfect use of the songs. If you check the soundtrack , you may find some very surprising artists (Dolly Parton, Cher, Air Supply, A-ha?). Trust me. Trust me. These songs are used as intelligently as possible. Not to be outdone, the original songs written for the film are BRILLANT! Although some of them are difficult to decipher during the film, if you stay for the credits, you can really enjoy them for their comic genius.

I think that with these artists we already have a great positive, although I'm not a musical lover, the music in the movies makes a difference that you can notice until your subconscious, many times when you listen to a song, identifies you immediately with the movie, if you call the movie as a comic, it definitely pushes me to see it, I applaud your passion for the movies, you are too enthusiastic, I would like to know if you can reduce your list of best movies to 3 and what would be? Right now I'm doing a post for a challenge, where the difficult task today is to name the 3 movies you like best, would you tell me your selection??
Excuse my English, I use a translator.


Great question. I answered over in your post.

It is very tough for me to narrow it down to 3.

I need a LOTR and a Star Wars so I'll go with The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, and Empire Strikes back.

For the 3rd I'd have to go with something like The Usual Suspects, Memento, Inception, but it is so hard to choose. I could list 20 more.


I knew it would be a difficult choice for you, but I felt your great passion for cinema and I was curious to know the favorites, very kind to answer! I'll take your selection into account, although I've already seen some, happy evening.

I have a feeling this will be my new favorite movie~!

Lol I took my 15 year old to see it. A LOT OF REFERENCES AND ONE LINERS WENT OVER HIS HEAD. LOL It’s really not for kids at all. I enjoyed the hell out of it though!


Yeah this one I could handle with my son when he was 15. No way could I watch the first with him. So good though.

Dead pool he is a cool bastard, 😂

I am Deadpool...
If my joke's offend you

  1. I am sorry
  2. It won't happen againt
  3. 1 & 2 are lies

Deadpool Approved....

The first part of deadpool was very awesome and what a acting he did,
full of action with comedy and sci-fic i was very waiting for this movie after avenger is into thearters hope it also make some records in market @hanshotfirst Thanks for sharing

Was the movie as good as Deadpool?
I would say no.
Is the movie worth a watch?
Yeah, I might go in a second time soon
It has certain scenes and moments where you actually see Deadpool trying to teach you certain life lessons and in the end he does leave you with a message. The highlight of the movie is a hilarious scene where all the characters assemble in the blind grandma’s apartment, and the audience is left in splits


I was surprised that there was a little more depth to this one. But best of all, I'm still laughing as I write this.

When i saw the topic of this post, i didn't want to open it so that i won't get discouraged from watching it.. But somehow i"m here and am excited and i cannot wait to see it. I know Ryan will not disappoint me with his performance.


I really think he was perfectly cast for this.

If you like unusual comedies, then I have a recommendation for you. I really liked the series "Misfits". This is a very strange series, very funny at the same time. A lot of jokes on the verge and even I would say beyond. I will definitely never watch it with kids either, even when they become adults. We watched together with my husband and we were sometimes so embarrassed and ashamed but very funny and funny. Look if you haven't seen this series yet.


Thanks I will have to check it out.

Thanks for this review, ,look really amazing movie ,you've inspired me to watch it !


I hope you enjoy it.

Wow !!! I’m blown away
This is by far the best movie review I’ve read in years
I must say you’re a good promoter my friend I must confess . I love Deadpool, the hilarious amazing superhero. This is awesome, absolutely amazing I must see Deadpool 2 asap as advised . You’re much appreciated

I really love deadpool it was able to marge comedy and action in an amazing way. And the main actor in the movie isnt like the regular movie heros... he is a real badass


I agree. Some don't like Ryan Reynolds but I think he is just cocky enough to play this role perfectly.

I am a massive Deadpool fan, I have seen the first one so many times, can't wait for this bit I have to wait for Dvd or Online as can't get to the pictures.

I am trying to power up but they have started asking for a memo... what is this? any idea? :)


You don't need a memo. They are just trying to make it less likely to accidentally send steem to the wrong address. They added a step so you can check every transaction one last time before you finalize it. Just hit ok on that screen. Then it may ask for your password again.


Ok thank you :)

Thanks for this... Great review without spoilers :)
I've got to watch DP2 now...

The last two movies you reviewed I had ZERO intention of seeing.

I read the one on A Quiet Place. Now I like to think of myself as fairly tough for a 5 foot 2 inch 125 lb woman, I can handle some thaaangs, but, I'm an epic horror movie bitch. The way I see it my chronic nightmares are enough thank yooou. Your review did make me a little curious,

But no.

This one though I might see now. I'd lost interest in the Deadpool franchise immediately after seeing the first one, and while I liked it and laughed I really got the impression that any continuing movies would wind up stuck in the "I'm a crude and funny bad ass" shtick losing any actual value and crude humor alone isn't enough for me personally.

Dolby Digital? I doubt it, but I think I'd give it a staying-up-past-my-bedtime-night download, which is much more than I could have said an hour ago.


I hear you about scary movies. I too am a "epic horror movie bitch". This one was right on the border of what I can handle. And something happens right at the beginning of the movie which I normally can't handle. So yeah, stay away from A Quiet Place.

I was shocked that Deadpool 2 had a bit more emotion than the first. I hope you like it. Either way, let me know.

ok now im f**king eager to see this movie.

I remember the first time watching the first deadpool movie, it was awesome, filled with lots of comedy jabs and of course intense action scenes...

I expect I'll be seeing this soon, possibly with my son. The first one was really fun and I don't think superheroes should be taken too seriously.


No worries about this being too serious... although it was more serious than the first. I got a little teary eyed.

I am due to watch it later today!! Yes I am glad that you liked it!

I had read some of the not stellar reviews and some people that said it was not cracked up to be .

Now I am so excited to watch it!


I hope I didn't set you up for disappointment... but I really think if you liked the first you will like this one.

OMG, I absolutely loved the first film and have been so excited to see this new installment. As if they made a "Marvel" movie that is designed for adults. Not only was I impressed with the storyline of the first one but the action and the humour were amazing. I think I had pains in my abdomen from laughing so much. I saw the preview for the 2nd movie and was immediately excited to see it. I want to see it even more now after this review. The fact that there is all that older music from when I was not as old as I am now is great. I have never been a huge Ryan Reynolds fan but he won me over in this role. My son has been talking about this one for a while now and I think we will have to check it out soon.


I was neutral on Reynolds but think he is perfect for this role. All of teh things that annoy people about him are perfect for Deadpool. I hope you enjoy!

Oh how I wish I could see this in the theaters! I was in a car accident a few years back and I have tinnitus, a constant ringing in the ears, so loud crashing noises kill me when I go see action movies. I saw the first Deadpool in theaters and as much as it hurt my head, I didn't regret it. I just want to be able to enjoy it without the pain and I really don't wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray. Is it worth the pain? I think it just might be. What would you suggest?


First I am so sorry you were in that accident.

The movie is VERY loud. Lots of explosions of course. I think it is almost as good as the first.

I honestly do not know if this would help but I know some theaters offer "sensory friendly films". I believe they are intended to cater to people on the Autism spectrum but they do say they "turn down the sound". I have never gone to one... although I should in order to see what the experience is like. I honestly have no idea if it would be an enjoyable way for you to watch a movie but I figured I'd let you know in case you wanted to research it.



Thanks so much! I will look into that. I was considering taking ear plugs, but I honestly can't imagine seeing an action movie without the sound in theaters. I still may go based on your recommendation!

smart post with smart ideas by @hanshotfirst You just explained the story of this movie very well.

Hey, @hanshotfirst For those of you asking, Deadpool CAN, in fact, be added to avengers 4. BUT, it would completely change the story. That never happens in the comics. No, he is NOT an Avenger nor a hero. YES, Deadpool is part of Mcu. NO, it is not a good idea to add him. YES, I am erectile.

Deadpool 2

I will must watch this move dear @hanshotfirst

The review is awesome and interesting Deadpool movie is fill with action thriller and great artist that makes this movie a must watch

although i did't watch this movie but i am sure it's a interesting movie , because you have great choice mind, if it doesn't good you never choice it for watch.
as soon as possible i will watch it.
thank you for shearing the movie.

I love this review and I love this film. I personally felt it's refreshing to come to material only when a story presents itself. Keep up the great work!

An interesting review about the film Deadpool. I have not watched this film yet. But you will have to look to get impressions. Thank you for the information.

wow amazing post post sir and i love with al of this videos.@abdt

great movie sir.thanks for share.

looking awesome post. i never seen before because i m new here. specials for your great writing and sharing.

I can't wait to see the movie...
I expect something very thrilling..

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Another perfect publishing work @hanshotfirst
Excellently showing to review community.
I love Deadpool
He's the perfect superhero.

followed and resteem

This was a cool movie but I took my wife along and she really didn't enjoy the movie (though she loves Marvel movies in general) - the reason was a good number of pop culture references went over her head (and there are far too many including many I'm sure I missed myself). I believe you really need to understand these referenes to actually enjoy the movie thoroughly.

The first part was good, I hope to see the second. But unfortunately here in Venezuela there are no good quality cinemas, and what they put are very old movies, haha. I'll wait for a free download link. God bless you, I like criticism, although now I really want to see it and I can not.


I truly love those pictures of yours.

Just saw deadpool 2. Awesome stuff! One of the best end credits scene man.

Something that Ngat precious I got from the post you share, an honor I can read all your post @hanshotfirst
Challenges continue to happen in the world both in the world of film and this is very important thing we know and how we can become more professional and imagination and creative ideas will make us can be great in various things.
I really like what you share in this post, and this becomes an important lesson for me.and we will be the winners.

See you on the top

I like your movie guides a lot! as soon as the premiere here in Venezuela, I'll go see it. The first part of this movie was very good and I'm anxious to see the second.

I think Domino didn't stop the truck because she wanted to get to the other side...

I liked this movie better than the first one. It's got more jokes although I wish some of the characters stuck around longer. Hopefully, they'll come back in the next movie.

Great blog you got here and hope to read more your posts. Cheers.

I'm so happy to meet a movie critic here, my husband is one.

Please kindly check out my introduction post


P.S. Please I need guidance from you @hanshotfirst

@hanshotfirst just sent you a dm on discord.
Hit me up soon as you get a chance. Thanks

man I already loved the first one! Can't wait to see the second one... My girlfriend doesn't want to go and see the movie.... Now I have to wait a little more, don't wanna go on my own :D

Great review! I've enjoyed the Deadpool movies so much that I want to get some DP comics! I love the way it's written.

P.S. your name and tag line are brilliant! Han definitely shot first!

We loved it too! Haven’t gotten to my review of it yet.

Dude....come on with the Solo review already!
Matter of fact, tell me on discord what you thought....I'm considering seeing it today.

thanks for this review.. i don't see this movie yet.. ;)