A Geeky Guy's Movie Guide to Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

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This review of Blade Runner 2049 will be one of the strangest ones I have written.

Six months ago, I went to see Ghost in the Shell. The highlight of the experience was the preview for Blade Runner 2049 which accompanied the film. To that point, I had no idea that a sequel was being filmed (I was either under a rock... or too obsessed with steemit to notice.). As soon as I saw the preview, I was thrilled. In fact, I was so exhilarated that I went into something I call, "over-excited puppy mode". This usually consists of my yelling, swearing, and making wild hand gestures until I get myself all tuckered out (like an over-excited puppy).

Recently, I discovered that Dennis Villeneuve was directing the film.

No more "over-excited puppy" for me. Although many of my friends loved Villeneuve's Arrival, I was bored out of my mind. Another one of his films Sicario was fine... but I certainly have no urge to see it more than once. I was hoping that I would want to watch the sequel to Blade Runner as many times as I had watched the original. As far as I can tell, Villeneuve does not make movies that I can watch 78 times (the approximate number of times I watched Blade Runner). To be fair, there are about 10 different versions of Blade Runner, so I really only watched each of them approximately 8 times.

There is no doubt that Villeneuve is an incredibly talented director. Unfortunately, he does not make very "fun" movies. If I am going to actually spend the time and money at a theater, I usually need to have a significant amount of fun. I save the interesting and thought provoking movies for home viewing. Knowing who the director was, I lowered my expectations quite a bit. But I still had to see the movie.

Luckily, before leaving for the theater on Friday, I saw
@moon32walker 's post. I immediately watched the three short films he included.




After seeing them, I immediately re-entered "over-excited puppy" mode, jumped into my car, and drove 35 minutes to the nearest true IMAX theater (I HATE LieMAX!).

If you are going to see the film, you must do two things:

  1. Watch the three short films first. They enhanced my enjoyment of the film more than I could have ever imagined. They were important. Not only do they help explain some of the major events between the two films (2019 and 2049) they also help flesh out one very important character who is only in the theatrical film for 5 minutes.

  2. See it in real IMAX. The true stars of this movie are the visuals. Blade Runner 2049 was both literally and figuratively perfectly made for 2D IMAX.

Here is where this review gets weird.

Normally, I only want to see movies on the big screen that are exciting. Blade Runner 2049 is not exciting at all. In fact, I could probably explain the entire plot to you in one or two sentences. Honestly, there isn't much to the story. In addition, there is almost no action at all. Even the action that does exist is pretty boring. There is no suspense. You know how these very short battles will end. There is perhaps 15 minutes of action in the entire movie. Considering that the movie is almost 165 minutes long, that is not very much. Sadly, I could see many points in the movie where some fun action could have been seamlessly woven in. But I got over it. I accepted that it is not that type of movie.

So the movie was not very "fun"... and yet I enjoyed the experience.

Seeing this movie in IMAX stirred up the same feelings I get when I go to a museum (that's the weird part).

When I go to a museum, I find the paintings, statues and artifacts interesting. Seeing them inspires me to reflect and think. That is exactly what this movie made me do. Although I never go into "over-excited puppy mode" at a museum, I still enjoy my time there. That is exactly how I felt about this movie. I was interested. I reflected and thought. Most importantly, I experienced something that looked and sounded amazing.

The special effects and world generation was breath-taking. The score was exhilarating. Seeing it in real IMAX pushed it over the edge. This film did not just throw its large format viewers a bone or two. It seemed like nearly the entire movie was filmed to fit the larger than life eight story tall screen on which I viewed it. The world they created deserved to be seen on an eight story tall screen. It was simply incredible!

So it looks and sounds amazing... what about the movie itself?

Although the story requires quite a bit of suspension of disbelief (it is about freaking robots in the future) it is clever and interesting. The acting and casting is nearly flawless. If you are going to draw out a 90 minute story into 165 minutes, you better have the actors to pull it off. This movie did. Ryan Gosling did a great job as a brooding police officer. Although only in the movie for a relatively short time, Jared Leto left a lasting impression. Harrison Ford is... Harrison Ford. Look at my handle here. I loved him in this. But then again, I love him in everything (except maybe that one movie with Anne Heche).

To be honest, there is so little to the story that I can't say much without spoiling the entire film. I can say that instead of an action film, it is more of a story of a detective solving a mystery. While the original Blade Runner mixed in incredibly exciting and fun action sequences during the mystery, this director clearly does not know how to mix the two.

Even though the story is surprisingly simple, it still manages to cause the audience to reflect on extremely deep concepts including the meaning of humanity.

Bottom line. Should you see the movie?

If you are a Blade Runner fanatic, you absolutely have to see it. Just try to see it in IMAX if you can. If you are a casual fan, here are some reasons you should see it:

  1. The visual effects
  2. The score
  3. The beautiful people

When I returned home and told my wife about the experience, she quipped, "Well at least you got to look Ryan Gosling for for three hours." (My wife and apparently much of the female population thinks he's incredibly attractive.)

Normally, I do not write about the attractiveness of the stars of the movies I review. The physical appearance of the actors in the movies I see usually isn't enough to sway my opinion of a movie. For example, although I think Scarlett Johansson is incredibly beautiful as Black Widow in The Avengers, I wouldn't let that fact sway my overall opinion of the movie.

However, this movie may be the exception. Considering this film relies so heavily on its visuals, it makes sense that they would pay special attention to the casting of the main character's love interest.

Not only did Ana de Armas, who plays Joi, do a fantastic job as K's (Ryan Gosling's) love interest, she is absolutely gorgeous.

I have a strong feeling this will be here breakout role.

Should you see the movie?

Would you ever go to a Blade Runner museum exhibit?

If the answer to that question is "yes", then you should see Blade Runner 2049 on IMAX ASAP. If you answered "no", I am afraid you may be bored by this film.

Geeky Guy’s Viewing Guide

Number of times I fell asleep: 0 (The woman two seats away from me did... and she snored)
Number of eye rolls: 0
Number of face palms: 0
Number of times I checked steemit: 0 (I actually had to go to the bathroom for approximately the last 45 minutes of the movie but did not want to miss anything)
Number of times I said "That's ridiculous": 0
Full price/Matinee/Rental/Free/Not worth the time: See it in real IMAX
Appropriate for my kids: No way.

Images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Looking forward to the movie! I saw few interviews with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, and they just wouldn't give anything away! But I really loved their chemistry, they look a great team. Thanks for sharing this :)

I find it troublesome to surf the internet these days, spoilers about the movie popping up everywhere. Tnx for not spoiling it in this review :) Artsy cyberpunk sounds fine, I must see this in cinema ASAP!

"Artsy cyberpunk". That should be the title of your review after you see it. I can't wait to read yours.

Yeah I tried hard not to spoil it. I treat these like I am explaining to a friend. I don't want to ruin it for them, just let them know if it is worth their time and money.

Thanks for sharing those shorts. I had known about them and planned to watch them but I forgot until 1 hour before the movie start time. I saw your post and was like "Oh no! I forgot!" I actually watched the anime one at 1.5 speed so I would have time. I watched it later on regular speed.

I think the first crush on a girl I ever had was when I saw Shawn Young in the original :"Blade Runner".

yes sir,agree with you. some of my friends and me also hate about movie spoilers,its better just watching the trailer,but hans not put any spoiler,it sastified for me.

Great review

I haven't watched any new good movie since maybe 2014

I am so disappointed with Hollywood pictures that I haven't seen a good film since 2010. Everything is so formulaic and derivative nowadays. There has been no creativity in "Tinsel Town" for many years now.

Yes, totally agree. I haven't watched it but I remember some recent movie called Pattison which can be similar.
I liked Argentinian movie Wild Stories (2011 maybe) as well

The quality of movies has really gone down over the past 15 years. I still manage to see a few really good ones each year. But I used to be able to see a good one a couple of times each month.

Have you seen Baby Driver? Surprisingly unique.

I'm looking forward to this. And in terms of beautiful people just think about the fact that Ford was 74 or so when this was filmed. 74. The message here is keep yourself in shape.

Heheh. I did a similar "Hey, you have to watch these three short films!" post 9 days ago.

I got to see it this weekend, and I loved it. To me, it was an epic film, one that will be recognized in time for how great it is. So many amazing philosophical ideas were tackled. I don't want to put out spoilers... but I will say a love story between a replicant and a hologram along with all the specific details involved? That was brilliant. So many themes touched on, including men viewing women as sex slave objects, what a "soul" could be, and of course, where we find meaning and identity in being "human". I want to see it again. I was up late that night reading all kinds of reviews and opinions on the movie. I really want to see it again.

I agree. I thought quite a bit during and after the movie. Didn't want to get to deep into it in order to avoid spoilers. I did this one as a "should I see it or not?" piece. Perhaps in a couple of months I will do an analysis piece.

Those three shorts were incredibly important. I remember you sharing them as well. I think we all need to share them to make sure people watch them before seeing this one.

I absolutely loved Blade Runner 2049. I didn't know there were three shorts! I only saw that 2021 animated one.
I LOVE Harrison Ford. That is an understatement. I had 3 explanations for the movie, two of which involved me wildly bawling my eyes out in a theater, yet none of those ideas happened. It was quite the surprise!
I thought Ryan Gosling was FANTASTIC. He played the character exactly as he should have. I, being of the female population, think he's quite a cuteface, but that wasn't why I was appealed to him being the main star. I just genuninely think he is the right guy to be taking old Harrison characters and revamping them. (I think Ryan should be young Han Solo, not who ever they picked, ew.)
Man, I just loved this movie. Nice wind down for Deckard's character.

Oh yeah great point. I loved Gosling in the role. He was perfectly cast for sure.

I do hope in the sequel (which there should be) there is more action.

Great review, I like your non spoiler style, and I like your rating system. Looking forward to more in the future!

Thank you. I try to pride myself on now ruining anyone's experience.

Sounds like ill have to go see it in theatre to really appreciate it, i sure hope it worth the 20 bucks :) Thanks for the review ill follow and wait for the next one .

Just make sure you aren't expecting any action. Its cool to look at and makes you think... but not a "popcorn" movie at all.

I am looking forward to this movie, hopefully it doesn't leave short to my expectation. My hype for this movie is startrekked and moonful!.

@hanshotfirst I think that its troublesome to surf the web nowadays, spoilers about the motion picture flying up all around. Tnx for not ruining it in this survey :) Artsy cyberpunk sounds fine, I should see this in silver screen ASAP!

Thanks for noticing. I really try not to ruin anyone's experience.

Thank you for the nice overview. I was not planning to watch it and now, after I read your opinion, I have even less enthusiasm :) Will spend my time on something a little bit more exciting.

I follow you you follow AND VOATE ME PLEASE

I believe this is the best movie review I've ever read. Your rating system at the end is both brilliant and hilarious.

thank you boss

I thoroughly enjoyed Blade Runner having no experience with any of the previous movies or shorts. I love these type of movies over action movies like transformers because it's more of a cerebral type of movie.

very nice review, i have seen the old one and cant wait to see this one!! cheers

what an amazing post for an amazing movie ;) really thanks you bro , i find what you have write very amazing i have got a very good idea about this movie and please keep doing reviews like ;) @hanshotfirst

HELP do i need to watch the original before watching the new one or is it a remake?

Definitely watch the original first. It is a sequel not a remake. You will be confused if you haven't seen the first.

Interesting review. I haven't seen any really good movies in several years. But, still I read the reviews looking for the good ones.

I read the reviews too, but don't see the movies nowadays.

Thanks for the helpful info! 👍🏻 I will defiantly watch the short films before proceeding to the theater. I’m excited because I’ve seen ads for the movie everywhere and I can’t wait to get started!

I loved this review, and I can't wait to see it myself. With all the crappy hyperactive action movies I think this might be a good chill out movie to see. Just to sit down and enjoy the visuals. I liked your comparison to museums :)

Thanks for the review as always Han. Must say, never really got into Bladerunner. Will have to rewatch to try and get my head round the hype of the first - then enjoy the 2nd (once it comes out on Blu-ray). SK.

Great stuff. I was going to go see it a few das ago but didn't get the chance. Hopefully this Friday if I had the chance. Must say, the visuals look awesome.

I felt it was incredibly true to the original, which wasn't exactly as 'action' sci-fi either. It's pacing and arc rhymed with the original in a way that made this one authentic, but without making it repetitive (ahem, Force Awakens)

Good analysis. LOL about Force Awakens. I looked at that as a reboot rather than a true sequel. Now if someone get frozen in carbonite in The Last Jedi... then we are in trouble.

"Blade Runner" is my favorite film period. Science Fiction or Not. I've seen the trailer for '49. It just doesn't look right. Hollywood should engage in making meaningful content rather than regurgitating the successes of the past.

If you loved the original I'd be very surprised if you didn't at least somewhat enjoy 2049. I found them to be miraculously seamless in style and substance in a way that the vast majority of un-planned sequels never achieve

That's good to know. I should be more open-minded about it. I just really was blown away by the original. You should know that I am generally not a science fiction fan

If you loved the first, this one might be worth seeing on the big screen.

You are right about that. The larger the screen, the larger the impact might be on the total experience.

Be cool if Rutger Hauer made some sort of cameo in it. I really enjoyed the first movie. This one is getting good reviews so excited to see it. Thanks

That would have been really cool.

Thanks for the upvote. I followed. :)

These three films are amazing. They really whet the whistle. I will have to watch it on tiny screen. Oh noes!!! It looks lusciously beautiful too!!

I think you may have your hands full right now with the new little boom! Congratulations!!!!

Hehe, Cheers mate. They are quite full!!

I haven't yet seen the new one yet but it's on my list. I came across some facts about the movie, some of them are pretty cool:

The film’s producers originally wanted Dustin Hoffman to play the film’s hero.

Daryl Hannah (Pris), in the scene where she meets genetic designer J.F. Sebastian (William Sanderson), is seen slipping on the pavement as she runs away and smashes her elbow through a car window. The actress actually chipped her elbow in eight places.

The term “replicants” is never used in Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, the 1968 sci-fi novel by Philip K. Dick upon which Blade Runner is based.

At various stages in pre-production, Blade Runner was known as Android, Mechanismo and Dangerous Days.

Cassidy used her own pet snake in her scenes


That is awesome!

Dustin Hoffman... wow that would have change the feel of the whole movie. I like him but there is no way that would have worked.

LOL, it would have been different!

I just watched it couple of hours back. It was a 3 hours movie and I thought it will okay since I expected it to be good. But, an hour half past already, I still could not figure out what's happening. Personally, I find it too slow. Acting and walking is really slow. Not my type of movie.

Even though I have zero interest in seeing this film, I'm giving you an upvote for the excellent presentation and time you've taken to keep things from going into 'wonk-wonk-wonk-wonk' mode, common to longer-than-usual posts.

As I was reading, I surmised that you should get paid heftily for this post; and, on getting to the end and seeing the generous payout, it seems I was right.


Thank you for the kind words. I really do try to only write things that I would actually want to read but sometimes I have a hard time being brief.

sometimes I have a hard time being brief.

;+)...I think that's a sign of a writing enthusiast!...✌

Thats me @hanshotfirst too obsessed with steemit to notice in most cases lol so are you saying its more the world they presented that you liked about the movie? From the trailers I do seem to see a lack of story and any action so not sure I am too excited for this one but hmm lets see.

Yeah it is definitely the visuals that made it worth my time. The story was interesting, but if it weren't for the fact that there was constantly something cool to look at, I would have been bored.

I'll take a wild guess: more trying to escape from the matrix, right?! More robots. Mort mind control. More trying to find self.

What's new ya'll?! Aloha!

Thanks for sharing without spoilers. I saw this post go up and thought about not reading it yet.... but I trusted you. That trust was not misplaced. Can't wait to see this!! Just not so sure if any IMAX theaters here really earn the true title.

First of all, thank you for the compliment. I try really hard not to ruin anyone's experience.

The overpriced LieMAX theaters drive me insane. Sadly it is the vast majority of them now.

No worries. Like I've said before, I enjoy your posts. They're very well written and I can relate to them a LOT with my own interests, childhood, and personality.

I think the nearest real IMAX to me is in Seattle... but I won't be making the flight to catch this film. I'll probably just cough up the dough for LieMAX on this one, which I've never done since it's come to my town because I didn't think it could be legit if they just added it to our local theaters. But there is a new theater on the other side of town that could be the real deal. I'll have to look into that now...

I wouldn't say I'm excited to see Bladerunner 2049 but it sure does look good. I can honestly Sci-Fi was my favourite genre when I as a youngster but I was 13-15yrs old when I first watched Bladerunner & It couldn't quite keep my attention. I've think I've watched it only 2 times and I remember I wasn't that impressed in fact I couldn't tell you what happens in it. BUT it has been a long time and after this review, I will watch Bladerunner again (it has been 20+yrs) give it a chance before I watch 2049.
Unfortunately I dont have a local IMAX, OR ANY FORM OF CINEMA in my town. 84miles round trip to the nearest one. Imagine , but hey we have a 4 lane ten pin bowling for our youngster to keep busy and not drift into boredom and take drugs YEAH!!!

Wow! Maybe you are developing the next great bowling champion!

LMAO more chance being an indoor BOWLS champion. I need the bumpers in ten pin bowling...lol.. im joking....seriously... it was a joke.... HAHAHA

Thanks for this review! I have never seen the original Blade Runner, but all the hype about the new one makes me interested!! I'm a total wimp when it comes to blood and guts, did you find the new one gory at all?

No it is not very gory. In the battle ,some people do get shot but it is not a focal point.

Thanks for letting me know! I will get started watching the series now :) PS: LOVE your username. My husband and I are crazy Star Wars nuts.

Nice, but let's be honest.. nothing beats Titanic!! ;)

Oh man. Titanic was not for me. Some day I may write a rant about it. There was PLENTY of room on that "raft" for both of them.

Yes I know!! Still really frustrated about it! ;)

one time i watched the original bladerunner playing on an open air cinema at glastonbury... all the festival smoke, spotlights and lasers sweeping around the sky seemed like an extension of the movie world and made it even more magic than usual... top film to be sure... definitely one for the big screen...

Wow! That sounds like a tremendous experience. If you are the much of the fan of the visuals and sound, I think you will enjoy this.

Well, you've inspired me to watch the original, that's saying a lot because I find it very difficult to watch older movies ( yes, the original is 'old' in my book, sorry about that ). If they some how slipped by me, than I guess in the back of my mind, I don't give it credit. But, I'll give it a go and see what happens.

The older version is extremely creative and has a timeless quality to be sure.

Oh yeah. You MUST see the original. And yeah it is definitely "old" I'm pretty sure it came out about 15 years before you were born.

It will be much different from today's sic-fi... but today's movies owe a lot to Blade Runner. It was groundbreaking at the time.

Excellent post :)

Blade Runner Review
AN excellent film that contains inferred messages of the consequences of planetary climate violations and the creation of a pastiche of humanity. The future world provides glimpses into the ultimate sacrifice that humans would have to make to ensure the continuation of the species.
Delicate swipes are made at third wave feminism, with a nostalgic look at the way men still see their ideal woman. Unfortunately, the woman is a replicant and the only women who are given power, fall into the pseudo-psychotic variety and are finally killed. A demonstration of the ultimate fall of postmodern feminist rhetoric.
The class structure is demonstrated through the lives of the privileged few who have narcissistic control over their sumptuous surrounds. Down on the ground, where the neighbourhood is a vision of emptiness, filth and poverty, children struggle for survival in slave work camps. The Marxist view of alienation has not been lost in the futile work they are tasked with and the feelings of the wanton proletariat are evident in all scenes. The symbolism of a single toy is a genuine item of reflection back to the ideals of ownership. This is something that cannot be attained by the majority.
Then there comes the failure of humanity and its downfall in the wake of capitalism. Remnants of long since forgotten material items litter the planet floor. Thus making a discarded landscape that pollutes the lives of the masses.
The comparison between reality and pseudo-reality in the form of replicants and humans provides an ideological view of what the future might bring if humans continue on their present path.
However, the end scenes produce a view of recompense in the form a father finding his biological daughter. Sadly, she is immune-suppressed and so physical contact is prohibited. The connection is demonstrated through a more spiritual grouping that surpasses physical barriers. Ultimately, the message is clear that the human spirit with survive.
Well worth watching

very good

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Thanks for the post that was really interesting looking forward to watching this movie you have my upvote
Keep smiling, reading, writing and voting!!!

damn i was so excited about it and plan to watch it this weekend :(

It looks like a great movie!

Great Review - Blade Runner 2049 is Best hollywod movie of 2017

Great movie trailer was also good

Always love to read your reviews, your writing and wit are top-notch @hanshotfirst!

This images is very nice and so hot post in the steem

Thank you for the nice overview. I was not planning to watch it and now, after I read your opinion, I have even less enthusiasm :)

Nice and Awesome Posts Keep Posting in Steemit @steemit and Make it Bigger than twitter,reddit and even from Facebook.If You Believe steemit will break their reputation one day than follow me I will follow back thanks @hakeemshah96

Nice Movie 🙂

Good job my friend..
I like

I didn't watch the movie yet but WB Turkey censored the movie. And it's not about the sexism because many boobs and ass open in many movie. So it's weird, Turkey isn't a big market for sci-fi movies and the movie wasn't for children 😃

Great review man. I wrote my own thoughts on it too :)

thanks for the information. what your news is useful for us all ..

I like your post

Thanks for sharing yours post.

thanks for the review will go and watch with my friends :)

awesome movie, with this review I totally want to watch it right now...
thanks for sharing. @hanshotfirst

nice article, wonderful video clip. that movie is awsome, thanks for sharing such a interesting stuff, impressive. my support and appreciations...

I liked this film because there are a lot of exciting scenes . Thanks for sharing man @hanshotfirst

Good movies...thanks for sharing @hanshotfirst

this movie will be very good its effects are really incredible
I congratulate you on the post @hanshotfirst

I think this will be better than Ghost in the Shell

Wow Really good review. I've never seen the first one, just never had the desire. But this review was actually really good. So ill give the first one a shot and see how it goes, if well, ill head to the 2nd one. Thanks

Ok, you made me curious enough to go and see this! tough im not a fan...

it's worth watching it at the cinema!

Great review and i like it.

This movie seems to have very strong visual effects, I will surely watch it and try to make some cool visual effects adopted in it. Thanx for the detailed review dear.

Good movi tralior thanks for sharing

Visually it was one of the best movies I've ever seen. The scale of all the landscapes was breathtaking. Wish I could have watched it on IMAX as well. Great review mate.

Good review.

i still haven't watched it yet looks promising

its good analysis and review of the film, specially the puppy.

Awesome film. I reviewed it spoiler free as well.

Trailer was good!

I think this movie is greatest

Great! seems like I will enjoy it too

We just looked yesterday. The film is excellent!!!!

thanks for sharing

I really liked the ecological commentary on the film. "After the ecozones collapsed in 2020'".. and then all the outside shots were so bleak. The farmer growing mealworms for protein, San Diego being a giant trashyard. The massive walls protecting LA from the ocean. Wow!

Wish I took the opportunity to watch movie when I had the chance today.

I was really on the fence about this one until reading this. I appreciate your thoughtful review and many thanks for the three shorts (made my work day a little less drab.)

Great Post!

Great post! Awesome content. I'm following You.

I would love to go to a Blade Runner museum exhibit! I love how you describe your reaction to this movie as comparable to your reaction to museum pieces. Reading that the film inspired you to reflect and think has doubled my anticipation to see this it. I was worried that they would try to make the film a bit over the top in terms of pace and action but your review has reassured me.

i have been waiting for this movie for a long time, so the original blade runner 20 years ago and was eager when i heard they will be doing a sequel , i will go see it at imax for full experience

This movie looks great. Think Villeneuve will knock it out of the park.

nice review @hanshotfirst. I was planning to see it.

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Thanks for the review man!

Blade Runner is my favorite film ..... thanks for sharing

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