Mountain Monday ~ Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

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It's 6:21 AM, let's roll...


Sunrise on the hotel strip in Buffalo. We're heading for the Bighorn Mountains, I hope the weather holds. I think we went to a Diner for breakfast right after I took this shot. I love road trips!


We head out on highway 16 which crosses the Bighorn National Forest. Around eight in the morning, at roughly 9,000 ft elevation, we can see these clouds over the road ahead. Totally freaked me out! I didn't understand what I was looking at. I thought maybe the world was ending so I tried really hard to make a nice composition :-)


We had to drive on but I stopped every few minutes to take more photos of those crazy clouds. Does anyone know what they're called? I think they might be Lenticular clouds.


We've come out from under the cloud and we're starting to see the side of it. I wish I'd taken the time to shoot this photo over the fence. That fence shouldn't be in the shot.


Beginning our descent from 9,500 ft. That's a fairly high mountain pass... I think that's Loaf Mountain you see there - Bighorn Peak would be behind it. Check out the layers in the clouds! The poles you see all along the road are about 10 ft tall, and they are there to guide the snowplows.


Coming down through the canyons. That's West Tensleep Creek with railroad tracks on the other side.


It was quite a drive coming through there, very pretty countryside.

(All photos were taken by me with Nikon D750 camera and 24-120mm lens.)

And the road goes on...

That's all I have for this week. Let's see your mountains!


Sorry @keithboone, I must also overrule you on the fence. It gives good scale and it is a cool fence anyway. Someone with a good eye and great skill made that.

Here is my pitiful entry for this week:

Your every photo is astonishing as always. Those clouds are simply amazing and your catches are so great. I'm so happy to see this post today :)

Ok, I will consider myself overruled, thank you! I'm going to check out your post now. Your posts have never been pitiful and I don't believe the latest one will be either ;-)

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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Thank you @pixresteemer!

Awesome clouds! I agree with @goat-girlz I like the fence in the pic.

Thank you! About the fence - I guess I'll just have to take yes for an answer :-)

haha..well so far it is two against

I LOVE these! Those clouds are amazing! I disagree about shooting over the fence, though. I think the fence gives it a little perspective. Plus, I'm a sucker for split rail fences. How long ago was this?

Thank you! I don't mind the fence in the first and second shot, but that third really bugs me. Oh well, doesn't matter, it's just a moment in time :-) This was October 23rd, 2014.

Howdy sir Keith! what state is this in? It's amazing. And I have to agree with fitinfun, I think the fence looks great. The wildest looking clouds I've ever seen though!

It's Wyoming, silly. You really have to get out more :-)

hey how was I supposed to know that?? Besides, that's what I have this computer for so I don't have to travel! lol.
I like Wyoming. So did Butch and Sundance.

It was in the title. :-)

lol! oh. hey, it's late and Jack was distracting me! driving me crazy wanting to go outside.

Who is Jack, is that your dog?

Love those swirly clouds in #4 . Never saw anything like that .

If you squint just right, it's a cat's paw, pressing down from the sky.

Those clouds are just amazing! Second photo is awesome ;)

Thank you! That's my favourite of the bunch :-)

Wow keithboone, they are crazy clouds. I find clouds entertaining, they are always moving and different each day.

Clouds are pretty and entertaining but these ones scared me at first. It's funny because I don't think it was even windy that day, but when I first saw the clouds I thought it was a super-tornado or something!

This is one amazing picture!! I love that sunset😍😍

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Thanks a lot, glad you like it :-)

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Thanks very much for posting! I'm heading to your post now...

The clouds looks insane! And the mountains are amazing, great shots 👌

My entry, Curious girl

Thank you very much, and I'm happy to see another post from you!

Happy to join 😄

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The clouds are insane!

Today I've posted a few pics from the Maroon Bells in Colorado. Enjoy!

Stunning photos in this post! I hope a lot of people will check this out!

Happy Mountain Monday!
Whoa those are some cool mountains and clouds!
Love those Wyoming fences! :-)

Mountains by the bay

Thank you! Loved your photo!

You know those are particular favorites of mine! Beautiful views and those clouds are silly amazing! I have never seen anything like them!

Thanks Melinda, it was pretty crazy seeing those!

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