360 Photos while Mountain Unicycling - part 1📷

in mountain •  23 days ago 

Yup, that's right, I'm an avid mountain unicyclist. Its a tough thing to ride well but its a great workout and I've ridden it my whole life, so its kind of like walking to me, no thinking required, just some great excersize. Well, I did some filming with my new 360 camera on a recent ride to get a bunch of footage and pictures, they turned out pretty cool I think. I hope you like some of these.

Click any images to see larger versions.

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How do you balance that single wheel :O Honestly I can't do that ever!


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Anyone can learn it, it just takes a LOT of practice. I've ridden now for 31 years, so its easy and never requires any thinking.

I think they’re pretty wonderful shots as well. Now my question is how you managed to d do that while on a unicycle? 🤔

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That's the amazing Insta360 One X camera. Holding an invisible selfy stick while video recording the ride. Obviously takes some balance but it worked great!

That is cool. Just watched a video on it. Got to get me one!

Its pretty good for landscape and environment shots when you are doing any kind of action sports in some other activity, since you don't even have to think about it, but its quality is certainly nothing like a good mirrorless or dlsr. Fun though for my stuff and I've got a lot of great video now too, which is what it really excel at.