Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'The Spirit' (Part #223)

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'The Spirit'


This is a very special motorcycle. A completely custom made beauty with a custom name! It brings out many thoughts. The line, the style, the idea behind it, the man who created it... It all blends in a superb piece of quality that cannot be overlooked even by a most avid bike hater. If there are such! :D This is a bike with a strong message of freedom and standing out of ordinary.

Please note that Maltese crosses in biker's culture have nothing to do with any past ideology. The cross is called Biker's Cross and stands out as a symbol of freedom and valour. Usually accompanied with the skull, it is a widespread symbol of biker's subculture all over the world.

The biker's cross was first used on motorcycles in the fifties, as a rebel symbol, with an intention to wind up the uninitiated, who, of course, were quick to judge without deeper understanding. When you see a guy riding under this symbol, please bear in mind that the people are not to be judged for having biker's cross on their bikes. It has nothing to do with anything, except the biker's culture itself.

What I find awesome is the slim look of this animal. But, let's not fool ourselves that the cool style is the only thing about it. With 1140cc and a ton of HPs, this bike is very likely fully ready to outrace much larger models by far.

Super awesome looking high exhaust pipes are seldom seen. They must roar like a hundred thunders. At once, probably.

Personally, I'm not sure whether the engraving on the seat fits the rest of the story. This baby would need a harsher looking seat, more closely following the hard-core biker style. This would be my only humble complaint. :D

This is an old-school kick-start pedal! Absolutely in the style! :) Most of the bikes today have the electric ignition on a push of a button, just like cars.

Before I go, I take this super cool portrait of Bojan. Caught him in a thoughtful moment. Hope he likes it! ;)

Enjoy your day! :)

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Hello @velimir ☺. I have sure missed your posts. I had some academic project to do and it turned out well. T
Another harley. I like this one. Wow. Killer vintage looks. I love the pictures. The good old days are right now.☺
The perfect blend of class and speed like you said, the style that has the power to defy time.
Yeah i agree that the seat should be tougher looking at what the bike can do and at the same time, i like the low seat. The low seats give you a confident feeling of being a part of the motorcycle. As long as we build motorcycles like this having a good time will never go out of style. A great-looking bike indeed. I am sure Bojan will like that pic.
I have to admit ignorance to the meaning of that shiny cross through which you saw Bojan :)
Great post.

I love travel with bike....

That's what I'm talking about! I'm not a Harley hater, I just don't have much to do with them, except admire bikes like this.

Rev Tech motor. They do a much better job of converting gasoline to HP than the stock HD. I absolutely love the air cleaner. A custom made touch that fits right in. And the logo in paint, and it's a modern pan head, and the mirrors low down (once you get used to looking down it is a great way to see) and...

It's a gorgeous bike. Your friend Bojan should be proud. The portrait? In the mirror? Perfect.


hehehe here we have an expert guys! This guy knows the bikes well! :D
Thank you!

ive found many good reasons for motorbike commuting, and serously im going to start creating a strong bike culture, my cousin will rather get on his bike to work rather using his car, hes been doing this for a long time and so he looks healthy and fit

The bike is unique I love it. Well I will prefer a more better seat for that kind of bike, and how I wish you don't have to kick start the bike but rather starting the bike with an igniting button. I love the exhaust pipes , since it is two, the thunderous sound will be awesome. Also love the engine capacity,it will be fun riding a bike like these. @velimir thank you for this one.

Hi @velimir
Really stylish motorcycle. It is especially appreciated that he is an individual, made to order and has an individual name. Such motorcycles are the personifications of freedom, free on the road and free way of life.
The cross of the biker was previously perceived differently than now. Biker's ideology has changed, but the main principle - freedom, has remained and I think it will remain forever.
The last photo was very cool :)
Good day:)

Nice post the bike is wonderful u are doing a great job keep up

@velimir Wonderful i really appreciate your words,its makes me think deeper...It's difficult for positive inspiration to breath and survive in a complicated mind.

Art at it's best.
The way this bike is built is just classy.
Every part of it is Shining like start which tells us more about the owner who cares for it so much :)
Antique bike with antique owner :p

@velimir I'm so overwhelmed that the motorcycle travel series part 223 is here, the bike possess nice parts, series of wonderful images and i am sure they will function well. The inventor of the bike has done a great job as well. This is wow 😮. I love it, Keep exploring steem.... Together we change the world


Nice Photos. Thanks for the post. @velimir

What a gorgeous bike! You're doing an awesome job and I love these series

Gigantic bike with 1140 cc engine. Seems to be dragon of bike.

Nice post the bike is wonderfull


Just Bean.


What colour are you?


green 😂


Yes I have one.

Sweet looking ride!
Talk about taking a trip down memory lane.

Love a great Bike! Keep up your nice blogs..


another great travel series by you
i watch your posts daily becuase i like it so much
Thanks for sharing

Wahooo this bike is A nice piece and d manufacturer have done a great job on this. Go ahead with your project am behind u full.

thanks for this good post i gave upvote and follow you @velimir please follow me friend @exchangetimes

dear @velimir...
ypur post is a wondarful...
& awsome picture...
I love to spread motorcycle....
thank you so much for sharing... dear velimir....♥…♥…

What an amazing motorcycle. I agree with you totally.

This is an old-school kick-start pedal! Absolutely in the style! :) Most of the bikes today have the electric ignition on a push of a button, just like cars.

Thank you for sharing

What a gorgeous bike! You're doing an awesome job and I love these series

cool bikes! look mean AF (excuse my nfrench)

Cool bike, I've been dreaming to have one, It's just that the price won't allow me.haha

Nice rig, you taught me something today, I had no idea what the cross meant but have seen it all my life. Thanks again for the good read and pics

that seat is amazing! my dream is the bmw scrambler and i'm working toget it. it must look great with that seat!

@velimir You bike is just awesome. I wish I have one. Hopefully, I will buy one.

Thanks for that story velimir, learned something new again. Didn't know about The biker's cross. We wish you a nice day. Greetings from Phuket

damn that beast is tuff . a whole lot of old school cool

You must really love bikes.
The closest I've been when it comes to knowing specs is that my dad owned a power bike 😂

I liked a wonderful harley pleasure

waw,, good motorcycle sir.. is that year motorcycle?

That seat is awesome! My dream is the bmw scrambler and i'm working toget it. It have to look tremendous with that seat!

Very good idea.

"WOW" Look at her.She is so beautiful!!!!!!

omg..this is wonderful..and it looks so hot :) it is like i too want to ride on it

Thanks excellent.

very nice ,,, lets take a trip to Aceh Brothers :)

wow very nice motorcycles

I respect motorcyclists for the way they are living. Freedom is the most beautiful felling.

Follo me

nice post @velimir.

Heloo @velimir Beautiful Motorcycle :) I own Honda Hornet 600ccm driving pleasure is priceless :) best regards


Wow, that lots of works, BTW nice modification @velimir

By the looks of those pipes, I can imagine the sound that comes out! Beautiful bike! Thanks for sharing and the brief history lesson!

That bike is sick! I hope to build one myself one day, love me some bobbers:)

@velimir you capture the essence of biking so beautifully. The freedom and sense of being alive is unique

Awesome!! That thing looks f--kin badass!

"Slim" was a nice descriptor. I'd also call it "sleek". And by the way, I agree with you about the seat :)

Good post, I've never ridden and take the bike. And once you see and see dipostingan you, arise curiosity and the sense of want to have and drive it.

The cross is called Biker's Cross and stands out as a symbol of freedom and valour.

Definitely did not know this... Still, i would prefer the skull instead of the cross, Harley + skulls = pure awesomeness

wow! its like the in the movie "The Rider". Very beautiful.

I don hafe love