Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'The Bear' (Part #189)

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The forest is very calm and walking feels relaxing. I don't know why woods are so special to me? I grew up in the city, I've lived in various cities but nonetheless, I love the forest. Not sure if it is the scents or calmness, or it could also be the feeling of wonder I acquired through a myriad of adventurous and fantasy movies. Nature has a soft healing touch we can all experience if we open our minds to it. Trees are living beings full of energy that one can feel.

I wonder what is it to make people turn away from nature and decide to spend their sunny afternoons in front of TV sets, computers or even worse in bed. Is it some kind of indifference, fatigue coming from stress, or just an overall feeling of inactivity which society so gladly provides? As I enter the woods, I find this table and benches. They were made from solid wood and might last for many years. Why not take five, or more, on this place of beauty instead of staying in a closed room?

I turn around and this beast appears out of nowhere. Its size makes me quickly understand why people prefer to stay at home an acquire their experiences staring at a TV set or a computer screen.

As quickly as I fall off my saddle, I get back to it, only to realize that a giant bear is a doll. It is all wrapped up for the winter just like a mummy would be. If these guys added some bear roar sound effects to it, someone might really be needing medical assistance. :D

This is a table explaining why Medvednica (Bearhill) was named such. However, no bears are roaming this place for centuries. The writings explain the historical connection between bears and humans and also tells about our fascination with such a giant animal. It also mentions that the bear was always looked up to for its strength that made it an animal of worship in the old days. Early humans, apparently, had a cult of a cave bear. No idea how this can be verified except maybe from drawings on cave walls. However, it could be a simple artist expression of awe and fear, not necessarily a "cult".

Be it as it may be, the road is waiting...

Enjoy your day! :-)

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Nice post!

Am i the only one who loves roads that are covered with trees on the sides. Its so full of nature.
I love the woods. It conjurs up images of clean air, fresh food and physical activities compared to the city that has high level of pollution, violent crime, crowding etc.
I find walking anywhere, especially on a beautiful day,just so invigorating getting off on the beauty of nature. I cannot fathom anyone not enjoying it.
Fundamentally human built environments lack the staggering variety of texture, color, sounds and smell of natural environments. This is why I leave the streets and sidewalks or gyms of urban or suburban areas, to actually fill the senses that we, as a species, have evolved. How can you be bored when you are in natural setting that actually engages your senses? How is it inefficient to be exercising, engaging senses, discovering, and allowing time for self-reflection all at once? Wonder about natural process from flowers blooming and insects crawling to streams carving and mountains building has shaped our drive for discovery and enabled our dominance, regardless of value judgment, of this planet. I really miss the woods. Thanks for sharing @velimir, i enjoyed reading.

Thank you! :) Woods is where we came from. It was our natural surrounding before the history happened.
I think this is where our love for woods comes from.

LOOKS LIKE IT WAS A FUN RIDE in beautiful places :)

beautiful places

thanks to your photos we can only imagine how wonderful it is in the places that you visit ...
never passive rest before the TV can not be compared with active rest on the nature. Trees, according to research, feel everything that happens around. They bring peace and tranquility, and the main thing is that they clean the air that we breathe ...
ppedstavlyayu as you can be scared if you stumble upon such a "bear" at night :)
thanks for such wonderful photos and for the opportunity to reflect on them

Motocycling is such a modern time horse riding. You bring nice view with your horse. it is true that there is a big connection between humankind and nature. Cause we are a tremendous part of it, we are tremendous with it. Unfortunately these connections are getting tinier over time. Every wild animal we saw reminds us that connection. nice sharing @velimir , enjoy the road

Thanks for the photos :)

by myself - I really like nature, calm water sources, green fields and a gentle wind. but -what makes it hard for me to get to there is lake of time, and the distance I have to pass in order to get to this places. In my country you won't find much places that are beautiful and yet are quiet - almost every decent place will have a few people that thought they might be there alone - just like I thought. so if you want - you need to take a day off when the pupils are at school, choose an unfavorable weather day - and then you might find some real calmness and quiet.
thanks for the post, casual but still thought provoking.

Thank you for your time and effort for this post!
I totally agree that the forest has something magical. A walk in the forest away from the city noise and cars + busses can truly be helpful in such hectical times! It’s important not to forget to always take quality time for oneself.
Enjoy your day everybody :)

Orman gezileri hep cesaretimi denediğim yerler özelliklede gecenin puslu saatlerinde... Sonrasında şafak vaktinde bir dağın tepesinde geçtiğim ormanları seyretmek en büyük huzurum... Yüskek bir zirveden yeşil bir ormana selam olsun.. :)

Selamlarınız zevkle karşılanıyor. Hepimizin içinde olan doğanın güzelliğini anlayan biriyle tanıştığımda mutluyum! :)

Roaming within the touch of nature provide us a pleasant feeling .It may be due to the greenery ,the silence ,the fresh environment there which is far away to find in cities .

There in forest everything is going wonderfully well all the activities of nature has been going silently without disturbing others since the creation of this planet.may be it is the reason to love forests rather than cities

Hello dear, nice to see your awesome post. I like your every post. Because i always like to travel. But unfortunately, I don't have any option to travel. That's why after seen your awesome traveling post and the natural picture I feel myself into there.Have a nice tour dear,,,,

good posting

All the photos are lovely, and my favourite is the road. Looking at it, I see peace, progress, positivity, calm.

Hi @velimir, I'm personally a fan of calmness because it gives me energy required to cope with life events successfully. I don't count chirping of birds or talking of sea waves as noise because it seems music to soul.

Interesting post. Shared.

Steem On!

The serenity of the woods feels so refreshing, the scent of the trees and the sound of the wind gives a relaxing feeling.

Again, I love traveling through your photos @velimir thank you! :) Resteemed.

Awesome trip to the woods.
Indeed feels good to breath in the whole freedom, serenity and affection the mother nature offers...

nice work hopefully we make same you for one post

Efectivamente comparto tu idea los bosques generan tranquilidad y oxigeno es como salir de la realidad mundana para entrar en la realidad terrenal

yeah , you are right ...i'm also feel very relaxing and refreshed when i'm surrounded by these trees...

one day i will ride my motorcycle like you :) thx

Porque usas ese tipo de filtro? Transmite un poco de terror en tus fotografías. Eso era lo que querías transmitir? Ve el aviso de advertencia para osos da miedo.

Hi! Where is this? Serbia/Croatia?

Awesome as always, btw, I hope you had a great time in Christmas, @velimir !

Enjoy life to thee peak and wish you happy and safe travels.

Iam also ride motor bike like you

nice post and pic

Dont forget to upvote follow & resteem

I like your every post. Because i always like to travel. thanks for such wonderful photos and for the opportunity to reflect on them.

I would like to be sitting on that bench and reading.

Thanks again for another informative post and heads-up.Thanks again for another informative post and heads-up.

wow...awesome post...dear @velimir
& wonderful photography...i like it...

I really like the picture of nature.

What a lovely photograph of nature . . Wait for your next post from your journey sir @velimir

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Moto. Race is nice and interesting

great work! i follow you

Thanks @velimir , Even I love Biking so much. I feel Motorcycle Travel Series is made for me. Thanks for your post about Motorcycle Traveling...............

Where is the bike?

It's parked right here, buddy :D

nice post yazmaya gelmiştim ki :) Yazının sahibi meğersem Türkçe biliyormuş. Fotoğrafları oldukça beğendim.

Looks amazing bro thank you for sharing 👍👏

There's something special about a walk in the woods that chills me out.

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