Bust out that bike and go for a ride!

in #motorcycles3 years ago

Spending the day on a ride makes the weekend complete!


I finally got the bike running after it sat all winter, then went for a ride with some of my Veteran buddies. They took me to a place I've never heard of before, it's always great to ride somewhere you have never been.

So we left in the morning on a 100 mile ride to a place called Scooter Haven in Yankee town, Florida. If you like camping, partying and motorcycles. this is the place for you! We arrived pretty early so there was not that much partying going on yet, so that gave me a chance to take some pictures.

I've never seen a bus turned into a bar before and it was really cool.


Here I am doing a Steem promo having a bad hair day


It had a really cool ship of memories that may also have been a stage for bands.


They had old motorcycles hanging from trees, you don't see that everyday!


A picture of my friend @wolf53 and my other friend Lou who has yet to join Steemit.


The ride back was very windy but we still had a good time getting out for the day.

Until next time, stack on and ride on Bro's!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my first motorcycle blog!


Nice trip @Tbnfl4sun
I like posts that have good pictures to show like this one.
By the way, can't you drive your bike in the winter time where you live??? Thought it was warm all the time in Florida?

Ha Ha you got me thier,I was to lazy to fix some issues with it so I waited till my friends started bugging me to ride with them!I see I missed some of your harley ride blogsI will check them out my friend.

Nice Bike and Excellent Trip. It's always a good time to get out and find new spots. Your buddies were right about this place.
Did you sign the bus?

No I did not,I was not sure if I could.mabie next time I will,we might camp their soon.

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Thank you stacker bro!

SSG baby! We all in this together!

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Wow,Thank you so much for this!I've been trying Very hard to make better content and your recognition just made my whole weekend! sinc, @tbnfl4sun

I am glad they selected you as well.

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wow,excellent post,my dear friend @tbnfl4sun,very nice picture,i really really love this post all time,thank you for sharing with us,

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Thank you!

lol @Kellcakes1 loves to pop in from time to time!

I need to get a motorcycle. I've got my endorsement and can't wait to ride!

Good for you,you will have alot of fun!

When I was younger my dad would take me on rides with him. Such a freedom to riding. What bike did you start on?

I had dirt bikes when i was a youngster than moved up to endoro bikes,good for trail riding and street legal too!

Never got to enjoy dirt bikes sadly. But when I took my class I did find I loved the fit of endoros because I'm so tall. They were running Yamaha's. I've got to do some research on brands but do you have a recoomendation?

This place is great for traveling. And if you have a motorcycle you can enjoy more.

Yes it was fun.

excellent bike!

Thank's,it's older but runs real good.

Nice and beautiful place for enjoyment....love to get there..

I will surely😊

When I saw the bus in the picture, I thought it was a bus.
A bus turned into a bar!! I've never seen something like that before, not even movies.

I saw car turned into robot in movie, but not bar. This is so cool!

I love to go somewhere where I haven't been before. It feels fantastic to be a place like this. Thank you @tbnfl4sun for sharing this!

@tbnfl4sun In some South American countries, it is very common to convert vehicles into fast food places.

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Nice motorcycle blog for spending the day on a Ride.

Sweet ride 🏍