Riding the lush green forest

in motorcycles •  6 months ago


Best thing about riding, other than riding, is being in nature all day. The weather was hot, but the canopy provided cover from the sun. None the less, it was humid and the air was still. I don't think there is anything I enjoy more than being on two wheels. I wish I could share this with more people, but quite frankly, I like being around nature with out too many people in the picture.

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Very cool! I absolutely love the opening sentence! gold! Enduro is awesome, just sometimes difficult, at least for me, to put that love and passion into words.


That's actually a really difficult thing to do, no matter who it. Putting what you love into words is poetry in itself! That's why writing in general is much harder than you'd think!

Is it allowed to ride trough the forest or awe you just having some "illegal fun"?

In germany its not really allowed ^^


We have a lot of variety of property in the US. Some of it is private and the owner let's you ride. Some of it is public but abandoned, some of it is public and straight illegal. I can't confirm nor deny where this is, nor if it's allowed or not allowed. Let's leave it at that!

so green, makes me wanna get out there for a nature run. thank you for sharing