Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'The Night Ride' (Part #210)

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The Night Ride


Dusk remains in my rearview mirror, as I ride into the night. Immediately after the sun sets, one feels cold. The rule of the thumb is that the faster you ride, the colder it feels. The air propulsion drains heat from the rider. Soon, the only thing adding a little warmth is the engine. On a chopper, you'll feel it on the inner side of your calfs.

Night riding can be dangerous. The motorcycle lights are often not strong enough to light the curves well. The angle is narrow and rider must carefully ride through them. For a long time now, I've been planning to add two additional smaller front lights for widening the visibility angle, but never got to it. A note to self - Velimir... the front lights, go to Bojan's workshop, he'll mount them for you.

The small roads are poorly lit and, regardless of the winter riding gear, the cold gets right through me. I stop by a ghost house to pull out an extra jumper which usually travels with me in the backpack. It is a good advice always to pack one just in case. The place looks dark and scary and I am surprised it is visible at all in the photo.

Two guys on a tractor stop to ask me if I need help. Them stopping worried me, but I was relieved when they expressed good intentions. Riding tiny roads alone, especially in the night may prove to be more than an adventure. I move on to stop again at the railway crossing in the middle of nowhere. It is completely dark.

The thick jumper did the trick. I can ride faster now. I mean, regarding the cold. The road is still narrow and curvy. After overtaking a truck, I found myself in a careless situation facing a driver coming from the opposite direction. A little more throttle from the powerful engine and all is good. That wasn't smart. Several kilometres further, I park and take out the camera, when the same truck passes by. Absolutely no use from the dangerous overtake... Seldom there is one, really.

The distance to cover is still some 70-80km. No use of my rule not to ride highways. I change my direction and ride straight to the highway's entrance. It will be faster and much safer riding straight. Highways were built for a reason and night catching you on a road is definitely a valid one. The decision has been made. Save me, o bright, wide highway, me, your humble night rider... :-)

Enjoy your day! :-)

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interesting :D

Velimir, I have a question. What about the service and oil change of your bike :p

Hello @velimir. I saw that you have more than 5,000 followers. What would be your suggestion to attract more followers? Even if I did put a lot of work in what I posted, because I don't have followers , my post from yesterday went unnoticed. When you started, what did you do to attract followers? Any answer that can help me is appreciated. With friendship, Krystine.

Never ever give up. I was running my blog even when my payouts were tiny. The worst thing to do is quit. This is a game of persistence and quality content. People give up because they don't realize the huge amount of effort comes way before the rewards. Sooner or later, if the content is good, someone will notice you and keep you up. Good thoughts, as well. Negative emotions never get anyone anywhere. Also, make long, meaningful comments. People notice you that way in the beggining. Some guys I know make majority of their income by commenting. Cheers!

Thank you for your answer @velimir. I just started and your advice helps me more than you think. I think you are right, I have to be patient. I will continue posting content and pictures that characterize me. I really appreciate the fact that you answered me.

sir @velimir it was really a great comment i feel more confident now , after reading your comment it is really help full thanks

Good day how are you, I know the question is not for me, but @velimir, is right is not easy to start in this great family Steemit but you have to be consistent, do not give up, look for example I get up all the mornings at 3 am I try to review first the publications of the staff that I follow, to support them with my vote or comment their publications, then at 7 am I leave and I get ready to work, here you learn a lot but you have to read and have patience, is my humble advice, you have another follower, I just followed you is the way I can support you

Thank you @esquinacreativa. I appreciate your response and the fact that you have become one of my followers. I took the time to look at your page and saw that you post interesting things. I'll follow you too. As for me, I still have a lot to learn, especially from those who have more experience than me. That's why I thank you for your answer, at this moment any advice can help me.

I use to or will I say, still feel the same way, but you jusg need to put hour mind off and take it as a hobby to post the right and authentic dont need to worry bout your followers, the right people and people that matters will definitely come, and thats what my driving force is...keep doing what you love best, be persistence as @velimir has said, never for one day think of giving up. Great minds didnt just make it in a day, @velimir didnt just get 5k followers in a month...your lovely and originality will attract the right people...ciao!

Today I received a lot of positive energy through the beautiful words written by you and other members. It's good to know that I find people willing to help me when I need it. Thank you @sparklez.

Thanks dearie, with words like, I also encourage myself, knowing that am not in this alone, many people to go through what am facing, so I dont let it get to me...and you @krystine will definitely scale through. I will celebrate with you when you hit your 1k followers and more...cheers to that!

Thank you @sparklez. With such determination, there is no doubt that you will also get where you want it. Cheers!

it looks like mysterious ways .. when you look from here. you are a courageous driver!
I love the mood in the photos you share. it's complicated and makes you think!
I like your share. take care of yourself ! nice roads ..

I am @earnmoresteem and you got a 5.88% upvote courtesy of @malonmar! I invite you to send SBD with other post in memo and I will upvote you this new post.

motor drive passion and freedom. The head helmet must definitely hang. Thank you for taking us step by step on your journey. Write me a blog to travel.

Great post. Really glad about the magic of the jumper.
@velimir, i know you are experienced already at riding a motor bike even more than every steemian :) At night, there is a reason why @velimir hardly rides his bike on a non busy road. For those of us that look up to @velimir in trying to bike, Its also good that while riding at night, you all should be careful, Motorcycle lights in a sea of lights at night can get lost in someone's mirrors. Just like an experience i had few months ago with a biker, It was a near miss because his bike lights are close together and i mistook his two headlight motorcycle for a car, but much further away than he really was.
So @velimir i am in no place to give an advice to you on how to pimp your admirable bike, but when you finally go to see Bojan, just be careful on adding the lights because there are many inexperienced drivers out there like i was few months ago :)
On a busy freeway, your bike may get lost against the glare of other car's lights. You might even be mistaken for the right headlight of the car behind you in a quick glance in a mirror.
As during the daylight, i am not looking for motorcycles. Motorcycles don't present as a clear danger to my mortality, at least as much as a 18 wheel semi truck does :) People just aren't scared of motorcycles while encased in their cage. At night, i am really not looking for you and may just not see you at all and God help the biker that the vehicle driver is not drunk because at night is the time most drivers are drunk and if anything happens, less people are around to help if you have an accident (i dont wish that for any of us :)) or have a mechanical failure.
So guys lets be careful while riding. @velimir keep being safe. This is educating. Thanks.

Wow!Amazing post. Motorcycle Travel is very nice @velimir

That's pretty awesome.Upvoted and resteemed done

a very interesting trip ,,, I like your posts as n friends ,,, help upvote my blog friends ya

Lovely post

beautiful photography thats a nice work

Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'The Night Ride' (Part #210)

Night rider missions.Waiting to hear more from you

Very nic your post. I liked your posts

Your confidence at night riding is commendable. I scare easily riding at night.

wow nice capture of the dusk sir..i love to read your are writing them in a very attractive way..please be careful when riding at night :)

Honestly, I am very happy to read your article, you create an exciting content that can make me relax reading it, can you visit my blog ?? @umar97

Good publication as always but it's not easy to drive at night on a motorcycle, you have to be very careful and careful, I also think that you have to be accompanied, you have my votes

Wow!Amazing post. Cruiser Travel is exceptionally pleasant @velimir
your sharing most appreciated

Hello. Through all the years of riding a motorcycle, I learned that there are no harder or easier routes. Always when I am on a motorcycle, I realize that he is my master, not me. Fear and respect is the basis for a good understanding between a motorcycle and a motorcycle. I work as a pizza baker. I'm doing extra work. It's a magazine dispatch. I deliver the magazine with a small motorcycle Tomos APN6 so I know very well the night driving, since I work every night from 2 to 6 in the morning. Night driving is really very dangerous, because of many obstacles, such as for example, wild animals, various objects on the road, drunk drivers in cars, unexplained people ....
I'm glad that my motorcycle has enormous lights that are well illuminating the roads
All the best on your trip and many safe kilometers.

When I am riding at night there is nothing more comforting than riding behind a GoldWing with the running lights!! Good choice!

This is the best post in Steemit..🤗🔥💰 check out my blog to see my posts if you want! Keep posting!🔝🔝🔝

thats pretty cool to know

Yeah. What he said!

Most of my long travelling is done on the Connie which has very good lights indeed, and they still aren't enough. Like you, I haven't mounted auxiliary lights. Yet. And also, if available, I ride the freeway at night. I avoid them like the plague during the day, but, well you know!

I have a 'Warm N Safe' electric jacket liner that is always with me, even when it is 40C. That thing has seriously saved my life more than once. Warm N Safe is a mom and pop company, and they make a really good product. I recommend it to anyone looking to extend riding possibilities.

Thanks again for another terrific post. I know I use that word every day, but you ring the bell every single day.

Oh, thats a really good idea, warm n safe. Is it battery operated?

It can be. I installed an auxiliary fuse block under the seat and a permanent plug in wire. Just hook up the SAE connector and I am warm to below freezing.

Excellent, I am in Ireland so it can get a bit chilly here. Nothing too bad mind you but chilly on a bike. Thanks for replying too.

I spent years laughing at guys that wore electrics. No more. I would frankly put myself in danger by riding to the point of shivering. Shivering inputs your steering and makes you not as good a rider as you are when warm.

I love bike riding a lot and I have a crush on biker to be honest.

Looks like you throughly enjoyed your night ride, some great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Wow!Amazing post..Travel is very nice..Thanks for sharing photography..Best of luck.

Nice to see someone write about motorbikes and earn big off it, I have done a few blogs about restoring bikes and some reviews of some of my collection, and get nothing back for bothering to write them, so nice to see someone doing good though.

Great post. Really glad about the magic of the jumper.

Your bike ride tales are wonderful and I can feel the thrill that you have, though I would still not suggest a night ride, but then for sure its personal choice. I like the rearview mirror picture.

Nice story, I am looking at getting a bike this year. It has been a long time since I have sat on a bike, let alone actually rode one! I think I will have to do a refresher course. Safety first!

Thanks for sharing.

Just found your account! Good and interesting content, I'll
definitely follow you!

Night ride is always a thrill. Highways in night are fast and pretty much safe.

nice article summarized well, I also make videos but on the subject of RC cars, greetings chris

Another great post!

wow!! How it s exited !!

And you wont for one day stop being a just amazing in your just like a ghost rider, riding in the dark...not scared of anything, so courageous and brave like d almighty johnny bravo...haha! inspite of all this, you still had timd to do your thing which is to take great art photos...kudos! Lemme go try my, bur before that, lemme arrange some pills, boundages, and of cos pain killer, cos I knw I wont go a quarter mile before hitting a waiting for the aftermath of this shot...great one boss! Thanks for your upvote on my post, when I see your upvotes, it really encourages me...thank you so much! Wish I was a whale like you my boss, I wont even wait for you to post, even if you cough, i will just upvote immediately, dats how I value you. Thanks!

Welcome to another Episode of Bike Riding but this time in NIGHT oooops!

Cold weather, Darkness, alone road, sound of Bike, Cool wind Don't you feel Fear Veli ??It feels a scene of horror movie indeed :P

That overtaking scene is really breath taking. I also love Bike Riding but i always try to make speed less i never show off that i am TOM CRUISE :P

By the way Nice Road trip as usual and yes your sense of humor is really deepen

Stay Blessed,Keep Sharing your Art

Steem On!

Night ride, that's cool. But be careful though.

this is very interesting and fun

ı follow series thanks

I know Top 5 lists are a bit lame, top this, top that, but just for curiosity: what would be the list of your favorite bike models.

I know No.1 - your own bike, thus from 2nd to 6th place please

Wow verey nice pictuer you sheared it's verey amazing pictuer shared @velimir and you can see more beauty eyes photo and information about each color
@velimir great to see that and you can look @abdo1

@velimir , I like tour with motorcycle because can make me freedom

Today I'm doubly pleased to see how you enjoy true freedom (freedom of movement and spiritual freedom). I unfortunately fell ill very ill, so I'm chained to a bed.
It's nice to see so many kind people, like the guys on the tractor who wanted to help you
I want to note that professionally drive your motorcycle, you have time to take pictures and go at the same time in low visibility conditions, be careful.
thanks for the interesting post and good road

I really enjoyed your post...thanks for sharing 👍👍 i actually love to trevel in nights because i love lights in the night🌃🌃🌃🌃

You're very brave! you know? I'd love you tell to us about the experience on a motorcycle meetup!!! 🤟🏽 🏍

Its enjoyable to ride bike in the night , yup its dangerous too. Follow the rules and speed in limit. Nothing can be more fun than this.
Loved reading your post

it must be very cold :D and then also in the dark i think i would have chosen the highway as well :D do you alwyas take your camera out or how do you shoot these photos while riding and actually being on the bike?

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