Steemit Factory Racing Custom Shirts have ARRIVED!!

in motocross •  2 years ago


Man im sooo pumped :) haha

As you all know from the results post:
Steemit Factory Racing Custom Shirt Giveaway! The REDRAW RESULTS!

we have been waiting for the lengthly, but super worth it printing process... Well they have arrived!

They look amazing! I really think they are better in the flesh than i ever imagined.

I cant wait to hit the track wearing these :)

Congratulations again to @ashwim, @macartem, @harand, @artsteemit, @meteor78, @bendjmiller222, @cronk, @charlieshrem

All competition winners will be contacted in the next day or so to let them know i have sent them out.

Thanks again to everyone on #steemit who have helped make this happen. It feels so more real seeing them and touching them.

I cant wait to get back the pics of the lucky winners wearing these! The world has just become a much smaller place!

Factory steemit 2017 here we come!! :)

So ladies and gentlemen... the shirts!

Let me know what you guys think :)

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Sick way to represent haha

So excited to wear this and tell people why I'm wearing it! Thank you for hosting the contest @b0y2k you have made motocross something that all fellow steemians can get excited for.

Always great to see someone with passion investing to share with others. These already look awesome, so I cannot wait to wear mine.


They have blown me away how good they have turned out :)
I had to putoff my juicing update and get the pics up so you guys could check them out.

I'm glad i did the comp because the feedback has been great. Sure i have also come under fire from a few but hopefully that will fall by the wayside now as the shirts will be sent out shortly.

I can't wait for the season to start now so i can start representing #factorysteemit :)

Now I can't wait to see who's going to be wearing them proudly... Namaste :)


Hopefully everyone will send back pictures so we can do a full post for the winners. This was truely a worldwide competition :) will be great to see the pics maybe in great local settings to show this :)


nice jersey. i think steemit should sponsor too. lol... upvoted


Thanks @crowtactic21
It would be great to get some votes from @steemit @dan or @ned for sure. All votes count and all votes are enabling me to push this project forward :)

@boy2k Upvoted and followed! This is a great post and was chosen to feature on the front page of today's 'Steem Talk' edition:


Thank you @steemtalk :)
I am very grateful to anyone passing on the links to what i am doing. If we all get behind these steemit projects w really can take them all to the top!

Wow these should get some notice. Very colorful!


Thanks @team101 :)


Absolute awesome!


Nice one @will-zewe :)
Maybe i run another comp soon... still waiting on the club shirts though.
Knee deep in printing at the moment haha



you know this @christoph3 :)


you know this!!


pipe... check the pipe.. :D (nice air tho :) )


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nice :)

I got my shirt. Many thanks. Good luck in everything!