Factory Steemit pics from the compass cup

in motocross •  2 years ago

How cool does the team look with their steemit sponsored kit! :)

I will do a full write up in the next few days but wanted to show you guys that we are getting the word out and dare i say... looked pretty darn professional to boot :)

Has been a long journey and a lot of hard work to get these done but seeing the guys reppin them at the compass cup and flying the flag for steemit has made it worth it.

So here are some pics :) enjoy!

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AWESOME!!!!! I never could get used to the ruts but I've never ridden on a track, just a couple enduros.

Fantastic pictures and great to see all those Steemit jerseys!


I know exactly what you mean @riverhead :)
I can jump, pin it whoops etc no worries but a tight rutted corner will take me out every time haha.
Motocross looks a lot easier than it is when you are the one in the saddle which i'm sure you are familiar with riding enduro! :)

Great to see Steemit on those uniforms! Upvoted.


Thanks @sephiroth :) the word is spreading! :)


Upvoted too! :)

This is great to finally see the team wearing the jerseys! Go Steemit, GO!!! Namaste :)


YES!! I loved seeing that too! @eric-boucher, great job. I need to make a t-shirt :)



Namaste :)


Thanks @eric-boucher :)
I agree! These shirts take a long time to not only design but to get printed.
Next year its going to be all about the team!


All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

like this very much :)


Thanks @ssekulji :)
More pics coming! Just got back from traveling for work.

This is awesome!!! Props!!!! Upvoted followed and resteemed!!!!!


Thank you @riosparda :)
Can't wait to start 2017 with the actual race team :)


Glad you like it @angel76

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