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RE: A Restrained Life

in #motivation3 years ago

What you're saying is very valid. A lot of people can barely afford the necessities, so therefore little time fo social activities, which is a detriment. People need to learn how to be happy with their lives and never stop striving to be better

A picture speaks 1000 words though. With what your saying and to start your post off with a man who killed innocent people in a movie theater, kind of distracts from what you're trying to say. Albeit he was an 'entitled' college student who did not have to worry about income or anything due to being taken care of. I had to walk away and comeback to re-read without seeing the picture. I am pretty sure you may not know about him


Yeah, honestly i didnt know who he was. I only picked the picture because of his gesture.

It's all good. At least I was able to read your post that was the most important thing.

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