Motivational Story : Dont Fall Into Monkey Business

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A man came to a village and told the villagers that he has come to buy a monkey, and he will pay 10 bucks for it. Since there were so many monkeys in the village, the villagers immediately took up this task.

The man bought 1000 monkeys, now since the supply of monkeys decreased considerably the villagers stopped capturing the monkey. After this the man again announced that he would now buy a monkey in 20 bucks. As soon as they heard this, the villagers again started capturing the monkeys.

Very soon the number of monkeys decreased so much that people started cultivating their farm. Now for a monkey, 25 bucks was offered, but their number was so low that catching them was impossible it was hard to even see one.

Then the man announced that he would give 50 rupees of a monkey. But this time his assistant will make the purchase on his behalf as he is going to to the city for a few days from some urgent work. When the guy left for the city, the Assistant asked the villagers to buy the monkeys which were in the cage for Rs 35, and when his master will come back, then sell the same at 50 bucks.

All the villagers did the same. And after that neither the man nor his assistant were to be seen; only the monkeys were all around.

Friends, there are many companies like this where one man benefits, but there is also a loss of 10 people, i.e. if you join a company for your benefit, then you also damage many people. And most people who suffer most are close to you. Therefore do not ever go into such tempting promises; You will lose money as well as relations will get cracked.

So now whenever you talk about making money without any effort, you should tell him the story of this Monkey Business and take a U turn.


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