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If you have time come on #dumitriu and #steemsysndicate my partner to see us.
Thank you!

Thank you for sharing :)

UpVoted... Wise @sydesjokes I agree. This is unlike leaders who are scared another may take over Her or His position...

Thank you...
Upvote & resteem

Right brother

True indeed! A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

Great. I have to remember that.

Nice quote.

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Indeed true❤️

I don't know why, this reminds me of Sarah Huckabee and other enablers. I see that a great leader has to throw dust in other people's eyes and use the divide and conquer stratagem.

Very true. Great leaders empower. Many dictators thought they were great leaders.

universal true

Absolutely! Nice to think about that and keep it in my mind! Thanks! Followed and upped!

Yes, I also agree. I've seen this said many different ways by many different walks of life.
*Shït trickles up and down actual.
*Elevating our comrades elevates us all.

This is so true...indeed!

Very True!! Your All Quotes are Awesum!! I love your Quotes as well Posts!! Keep Sharing :)

True. Upvoted & Resteemed.

great motivational word


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