Join my Steemit Opt-In list to receive notifications and get paid

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Opt-In List

I will start sending out notifications to only people on my Opt-In list and pay 0.003 SBD for each notification about new Steemit posts. Will also send other notifications for posts for other people as well and will pay a minimum of 0.003 SBD and sometimes more.

If you would like to join the Opt-In list just put "Opt-In" as a comment below and upvote this post.

You can Opt-Out of the list at anytime by sending me a Memo.

When you Comment/Resteem/Upvote my posts you share in my weekly SBD Payout every Sunday.



Opt-in. Another great way that you are helping support the community! You are a great Steemian! Thanks for being here and doing what you do, man!

Opt-In @sydesjokes thanks for this wonderful post, I appreciate this, it helps new steemians to grow in this platform.



I joined! You are doing a great thing here!

I always want to join in on whatever Colin is doing! Brilliant, my dear friend! <3

Opt-In @sydesjokes thanks for your support and co-operation very great full to u as you are helping new-bees

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Opt In , great stuff , upvoted and resteemed @tazbaz

I am sure i am already in. Thank you @sydesjokes i do receive more than the minimum amount you listed. Thanks for helping us. "when i grow up, i want to be just like you". LOL

I guess I am already on your list. Just in case, I am not ....Opt-In

How could I know you listed me or not ? Is there any list dear @sydesjokes

You are on the list.

That nice im in opt-in
Resteem your post d:-D

Good initiative, I opt in. Thanks

yeah yeah - opt-me-rich please :-)

Opt-In, @sydesjokes thanks for this post, this a big opportunity for us and newbie like me

Sir, You're the Best of the Best Steemian!! I've up voted as well commented a Opt-in. I am In. :)

Opt in. Many thanks!

Upvoted & Resteemed.

"Opt-In" Keep up the good work, you're the Best!

"Opt-In" you are doing a great deed.




Thanks Colin!


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