#Monday Quote - Quit Worrying

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"Quit worrying about how everything is going to turn out. Live one day at a time; better yet, make the most of this moment. It’s good to have a big – picture outlook, to set goals, to establish budgets and make plans, but if you’re always living in the future, you’re never really enjoying the present in the way God wants you to.” – Joel Osteen

I always love Joel Osteen quotes. It's positive and uplifting. Today, I was worried if I could arrange everyting that I had to do. My phone app didn't work to check in for my boarding pass and so many other small little details that I have to deal with my work. My husband calmed me down and said to me "Take a deep breath and we will sort it out one by one". Most of the time when we are frustrated and disappointed it gets worse. How could I spend time with my family, if I'm worried about so many things even they don't exist yet? Sometimes, letting go is the best answer and believe that it's going to work out. Thanks Papa Bear, @paradise-found for nominating me and @thegoddess for hosting this beautiful  Quote Thread. 

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Have a lovely day everyone.

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in everything, the main thing is not to rush, calm down and gather your thoughts, and then make the right decisions!


I agree. In our desire to do things quickly we tend to make rash decisions only to make matters worse.

just enjoy every moment of the present , hooray for today, haha. misshooo. ingat sa byahe😘❤️❤️❤️


thanks sis naka survive naman parang gleng sa gyera hahaha

This is a great topic and also a great post. I listen to joel osteen because my mom plays his videos alot. I seen this picture and it said. "If you can do something about your problem then why worry and if you cant do something about your problem then why worry. "


yeah, she told me that and I love Joel too.
very uplifting and always positive. We listen to him everyday.
always good to see you!
love your wushu btw
good job!

Don't rush things sis.. Enjoy every moment of the present and most importantly kalma lang hehe have fun and enjoy your travel sis.. Tc😉


yes sis, kalma lang talaga:) naka survive naman sis thanks a lot
nasa discord ka yess! welcome sau sis:)
medyo busy ofw peg.

Yes, true that worrying just consumed us more than help us solve something. Although mahirap minsan mg relaks if kaka stress talaga. :D


thanks sis, kahit minsan mahirap na nde ma stress pag kung kelan mo kailngan saka nde mag work haha
ayyyyyaayy tas sa huli gagana pala haha

Galing kasi ng taong yan. Nakaka inspire... Pero mayroon din tayong Bo Sanchez :) Galing din. To the highest level. 😄😄😄


nakaka inspired sila always positive mga sermon.
salamat kabayan.


Maraming salamat din!

I can relate to how you feel sis.. Ah, I have so many things on my plate and I also feel like nothing's going right... Thank you sis for sharing this, I need it badly 😥


thanks sis. worry pako ng todo gumana naman pala.
Normal lang cgguro satin ag worry lalo na mga nanay.
Stay strong sis. Hope your baby is doing good.

hugss k baby

If you love Joel, I love you for reminding me to be stronger in life and you just gave me a lot of hope and inspiration. ;)


awww sweet sis:) love you too:)
We all need to encourage one another.
I like putting quotes everyday as a #notetoself

thanks for dropping by.
Keep shining!

Joel Osteen is one of the Pastors of the Lakewood church if I am right. He always have a good message and quotes to say.


yup sya nga po yon sir.
we like listening to his sermon, uplifting and positive.

thanks a lot

It's not bad to worry once in a while. I think we do worry unconsciously. It depends on how positive we are in our outlook of life. We need positive quotes and motivational words as reminder that everything will be okay.


Agree to that. Most of the time we worry right away even the problem is not there yet.
What if...what if...
Thank God all went well.
Thanks for stopping by


Honestly, I'm one of those worriers. Thank God indeed for through Him all is well. God is good.

Living in the present makes life less easier although this doesn’t mean to stop planning for your future too. Thanks for this!


thanks sis. sometimes we worry so much even the problem doesn't exist yet.
just like me the other day huh but all is well.


Yup it’s true. It’s hard not to think about what’s going to happen and we shouldn’t do it often because it makes our thinking unhealthy.

Thank you @sunnylife for your motivational post. Stop worrying for future, yes you are right, we must surrender it to God, He has a best plan for every individual who trust and follow his will.


thanks so much, sweet of you.
have alovely day.

good thing andyan si hubby sis to calm you down. you're still blessed. ❤

P.S. Ang galing galing mo talaga dun sa wushu sis haha love it!


thanks sis. mukha na daw ako l eon hahaha
gumana naman pala nag worry pako huh#@
babae cguro ganon anoh?
thnx sis yong wushu nakahabol pa, ikaw nasa na? miss u big time.
ofw peg kaya balik sa kabundukan haha

I have to admit, I worry a lot! Thank you for the daily dose of motivation, sis. Love you long time!


thanks sis.
same here, ganon tga cguro mga nanay.
kalma lang daw, makaka survive den.
love yeah too miss yeah!

Doing my best, @sunnylife!


yup same here:) I worry too sometimes.

happy monday! upvoted


One day at a time, one step at a time is the way because like you said if we are looking for tomorrow we don't enjoy today.
Love it.