A Lighthouse in the Storm

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“It’s not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life; it is how you handle what happens to you.” – Zig Ziglar

The night is dark and the seas are rough. A huge storm is raging and fierce waves crash against the rocks with explosive force. A piece of driftwood is picked up by the waves and splinters into a thousand pieces as it smashes into the rocks.. But amid all this chaos is a beacon of calm. A slender white lighthouse stands tall and strong amid the destructive power of wind and waves and beams out its warning signals to passing ships to remain clear of the rocks all around it. Once the storm passes all is calm and serene as the waves gently lap at the rocks below the lighthouse and there is no evidence of the frightening destructive power of the night before.

In life you want to be the lighthouse in the storm. You want to be the person who remains strong and steady even as chaos and confusion rages all around you. You can cope with the situation because you know your own inner strength and you can dig deep from within your mental resources to cope with all that life throws at you. And, just like the lighthouse, once the storm passes, nobody would ever know from looking at you that anything bad or frightening had ever happened.

We all have many storms to deal with in life but it is how we deal with them that is important. It does not matter to the storm whether we stand strong like the lighthouse or whether we panic and crumble when the going gets tough. But it matters to us and it matters to those close to us who rely on us for protection and leadership in bad times as well as good.

Standing up to adversity makes us stronger and, even if we feel frightened on the inside, the steely determination that has got us through life so far will get us through the storm and allow us to be a shining example to those who follow us. Become the lighthouse.


I wonder if there ever comes a time when we live past the lies of subjective inner limitless power unaffected inner mind by the storms , tribulations and calms that come and go and live up to the hard reality of every thing inner and outer are affected and effected as they come and go by a cause and reason for which we are and every thing else in nature is formed and shaped in to the ways and shape it is and will. Don't get me mistaken for saying that we should or as a matter of fact leave ourselves to the mere mercy every head wind in life, but take it as one those things that changed you and will change you both for the good and better in however small or large and do like wise to it . It doesn't come all in all to affect you and not affected ,it rather is going to affect you and be affected. Wasn't it Newton who reminded us of the equality and opposition of actions about a century ago? His law hasn't been refuted yet. That distraction and destructive force of the night before wasn't at all all destruction it is as well constructive and reason for the reconstruction and construction to follow .With due respect and admiration to your efforts to lift and motivate ,I refuse to appreciate a one eyed view of the world and the Universe at large

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