Preparation to break records and the biblical backing and fact!............................................. (Ezekiel 38:7)

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The introductory post by @teamsteem had broken the records, first of it kind since i joined steemit. At the time of writing this article the introductory post by @teamsteem is trending and had over $2,767.28,
I tag the intro as "when PREPARATION meet opportunity"

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No man born of a woman break records or does the impossible by accident. No success happens by bargain prices, most sterling successes have their price tag set in gold. in order to break records, you must prepare


95% of newbies jumped in, with the mined set of hitting it big on steemit, without a proper preparation while only 5% joined the platform, do their research, followed some great and successful steemains, learned and do a proper preparation before posting any article. Just look at some of our great steemians, that without preparation, there had gone through pains and frustrations time without numbers writing unprepared articles and ended up having $1.12 as reward, but after preparation, findings and research you can take a look at some their post pay out

Even in biblical aspect, they are people who through preparation subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouth of lions quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxe valiant in fight, tured to fight the armies of aliens,etc all went through trails of cruel mockings and scourging bonds and imprisonment; the were stoned, sawn asunder, tempted and slain with the sword as prices to doing the impossible ( BREAKING RECORDS).

  • Have you ever considered why it is difficult for many to do anything with their lives?
  • To all newbies, have you ask you self, what kind of preparation(research and findings) youv made to have above $50 to $100 on the current article you are writing?
    let alone attempting to break records, the reason is because the price is not easy, but only those with a big vision and deep commitment on this platform can dare to make a difference.

For an example the introductory post by @teamsteem that had broken the records, first of it kind since i joined steemit. At the time of writing this article the introductory post by @teamsteem is trending and had over $2,767.28,
That is when PREPARATION meet opportunity. you can read the intro post by clicking here

scripture is clear on the importance of preparation to do the impossible. JESUS emphatically said "i must do the work of him that sent me, while it is day. The night cometh, when no man can work.------John 9:4
No wonder the world is yet to recover from his impossible records of legacies, He spent over 85% of his entire life preparing for a life of impact and glory on earth.

How athletes view the power of PREPARATION:

They know that they are three levels of skills to cultivate and PREPARE FOR RECORD BREAKING, and these levels are:
1- Basic skills
2- Preparatory skills
3- performance skills

The quality of their performance is predicted on a form foundation of basic skills. At first level of basic skills, they understand the essence of Attitude, motivation, goals and commitment and people skills.
The realize that attitude is a choice and they have to predominately maintain a positive attitude to win. many of them see sport as an opportunity to compete against themselves and learn from their failure, prepare in order to success. Because in overcoming their mental limitation will they conquer others, they pursue excellence and not perfection, and consistently prepare and practice to always be at their best.

Successful athletes are aware of the reward and benefit they expect to experience when they win. which form the basis for their attitude and self motivation. Because there is a vision of a prize to obtain, they set goals of steps and actions to take daily to meet with the demands of the price for the prize. They not only set goals for successful outcome, they are also committed in following through with their goals, they, at the basic level also see the importance of peoples skills and realize that they are parts of a larger system that includes families, friends, teammate, coaches and fans.So they communicate their thoughts , feelings and nees to these people and listen to them as well.

At the preparatory level before the performance, successful athletes understand the essence of self-talk and mental pictures. They know in life, discouragement will come, setback will come too; so they constantly encourage themselves by talking positively about themselves. They tell themselves "i can do this! this is my call ti win! this opportunity will be mine to seize! i am going to make it big and grand." this level of self talk is empowered by a powerful mental image they see themselves succeeding.

At performance level the obey two key of success: managing anxiety and concentrating on a positive outcome, they know anxiety will come, but they will have to overcome it to win. They also realize that some degree of anxiety can help them perform well and know how to reduce anxiety when it become strong, without loosing their intensity.concentration: successful athletes are able to regain their focus when concentration is lost during a competition and comport themselves to do better at next opportunity. We steemians should be like the sport men and women, who spend countless hours preparing for some minute of performance.


  • When you fully prepared in life, you can best utilize every possible resource needed to fulfill your potentials.
  • when you increase your level of preparation, you also increase your level of confidence. The more prepared you are in skills and character development, the more confident you will be in grasping opportunities and the more competent you will be in maximizing these opportunities.
    -The amazing opportunities in your future are too important to simply wing it, and then hope for a great being PREPARED, you increase your power and unleash your potential.

Part of your preparation should include planning, strategizing and setting goals and target to make a difference. Remember impossible records may not be a huge accomplishment, but a small but significant result that pushes you forward to the next level.


No matter what you desire to achieve on this platform( STEEMIT), learning to blog or the monetary aspect of it, never under estimate the value of PREPARATION. This is because the quality of your PREPARATION will certainly influence the standard of your performance.



BY @sequential

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