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Precious means something that is valuable, special and very important.

We as humans are precious in our own capacity and even more a precious gift to our family, society and nation as a whole.

Noting that being a Gift is also a privilege likewise a result of hardwork.

It entails sacrifice but giving up sometimes like going extra miles.

You must be humble because humility is key to be a precious gift.

Obedience to rules, regulations and authority is key to be a gift, a precious gift .

You must love and be loved by being charitable and discipline.

As a precious gift you have access or assured of your security, protection.

Thanks for reading as you work towards being a precious gift

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Hi Sammiegold,

Please use relevant tags in your post. #Jahm is for Reggae and Jamaica relevant content. Also, what does this have to do with #sportstalk #creativecoin or really anything other than spirituality and motivation? You may want to try the #lifestyle tag.

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