The ways to motivate yourself to do hard work when not in the mood

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Sometimes it happens that we lose interest to work. Then we take rest and start working again. But what if there is no time to take rest? You need to work even if you don't want. but in that way, the output of the work is not up to the mark.

I am here with the solutions. I am going to share some ways that will help you regardless of your not having the courage to work hard.

Think as if it is not a hard work:

The first way to work hard when you are not in the mood is to think about that task as if it is very easy. Train your mind to think of it as an easy task. If you think that the task is really hard. You need to work hard for that, then your mind will try to abstain from that as our mind always want some rests. But if you tell your mind that this is really an easy one, then your mind will get a motivation to work then.

Break the task into the smaller piece:

Another effective way is to break a big task into small pieces. Set smaller goals. Suppose if your task is to write down an essay containing a hundred pages, then divide it into a number of tens. Make a goal to write down ten pages. After reaching that checkpoint, make another. Thus your work will not seem like a hard one too and you'll be motivated to do the work.

Don't care about the things that really don't matter:

Find out The things that don't matter anything when you do it. Skip those things. The things you know to do may not always be beneficial. Find them out and stop doing those right away. This process will save your energy and allow you to work hard when you need to do so.

Try following these three ways first. This is the halfway out. Then read the second sequel where I have described three more ways that really work on this kind of problems.

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Nike slogan is what I say to myself in things like this
Just do it.


Even if it means sacrificing everything.

I will try this when work gets heavy, thanks!

Thank you For Giving A Valuable Knowledge @rishan I Think Success is a dynamic term which means different things to different people. The definition of success is very personal as each person carves for themselves, their own meaning of the word. This is as a result of the different definition of success to different people.
There are different aspects of life in which people crave to succeed in, on a daily basis. To some people, their utmost priority is to make more money than they already have, possibly achieve that millionaire dreams of theirs. Some want a happy family, yet others crave fame and power. There are others still, whose only ambitions are career or academic success.

Identifying what you want goes a long way in paving the path towards success. In a nutshell, success simply means achieving set goals. Setting goals help you eliminate what is unnecessary and helps you focus on what really matters.
Thank You.


Nice comment, @paddya! We agree that connecting to the deeper reasons that you are doing the work in the first place, the "why", really helps increase motivation. Remembering that you are doing something because maybe it brings benefit to your family, or because it will help further your career will give you more motivation to get it done than if you think only in terms of deadlines.

Those are good recommendations! Thank you for sharing.

Procastination is the result of avoinding a task, and these tips are a cure for both!

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Very interesant article, greetings from Poland ;)


Indeed, greetings TO Poland

Thanks for the info

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hmmmm, im not sure of this

Great post! Thinking of things as easy sounds like a great way to shift your motivation.