Why shouldn't loneliness be positive?

in #motivation2 months ago

Some people try to stay away from it at all costs, but I love being alone. You're also wrong; I'm not alone; I'm just by myself, which doesn't scare me.

I spend as much time as possible alone and taking care of myself. Even though the people I love are great, I'm glad I found myself.

Lack of company and being lonely are two different things! My wants and I are the most important things in my life!

Lack of company and being lonely are two different things! I think we have a mistake when we use the word "loneliness" to talk about how painful it is to be alone.

To be lonely is not the same thing as to feel lonely. When someone is with a group of friends, why do some people feel lonely even when they're not with those friends?


It's easy to forget that "being alone" is not the same as "feeling lonely" at times.

It means "being alone" when you are by yourself. The mood of "feeling alone" is a state of being empty, cut off from other people, and by yourself.

The biggest difference between being alone and not being alone is how you feel. Being lonely is a state of mind, while feeling lonely is an emotion.

Being by ourselves can make us very happy, and being by yourself is actually good for your mental health and for living a full life.

Loneliness comes from thinking that no one, not even ourselves, can see or understand our true selves. So, being alone is something that many people want and something that others fear.

What we think and feel about ourselves is a big part of this. Also, keep in mind that some people are shy and timid, and they find peace by being alone.

My wants and I are the most important things in my life! A lot of people ask, "What do you do by yourself?" Aren't you bored?"... It's easy to answer: I take care of myself. Love, care, feelings, and thoughts for yourself.

Being alone seems to be a bigger problem for us these days, especially since we talk about how social media makes people sad.

When we think about the people around us, we assume they are always happy and busy. We think a lot about ourselves when we can see so much of each other's lives.

For other people to see! When I started spending a lot of time with myself, I learned what I liked and didn't like about myself.

I don't judge myself by the ways of life or points of view of others or the majority. I understand that this life is mine as I spend time by myself and find ways to pass the time.

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