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Why are you working?

It's a question we should ask ourselves every time we spend a day sat in an office, or at a sales desk, or wherever it is that we give our valuable, limited time to a job that is, almost universally, of no interest or value to us.

Why are we doing it?

Is it to pay for a bigger house? Or perhaps a newer car? Maybe it's to save up for that one fantastic holiday you have each year, if you can afford it.

What are these things worth, when we spend almost all our time at work? How can we enjoy them when the few hours we're not at work are still polluted by the thoughts and frustrations from that job?

Think about what's really important to you.

What kind of life do you want?

Imagine an ideal world. What do you do? Are you free to live on your own terms? Now ask if your current lifestyle will ever get you there.

Successful people often got where they are because they took risks. Life runs on risk. Innovation is driven by it. Markets thrive on it. Every business you see around you got there because someone took a risk.

The hard reality is that life is never going to change itself. You aren't going to win the lottery. The probabilities are so ludicrous, it simply isn't going to happen.

Accept it.

But living your dreams can happen. If you take risks, drive forward and refuse to give up, chances are it will happen. Make it a certainty - that power is yours.

So why are you working?

Take the energy you waste at work every day and re-focus it on building the life you really want. What do you have to lose? A life you don't enjoy?

Think about what really matters, then change your life into something worth living.

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I couldn't agree with this article even more... I worked a sales job, creative staffing, in the financial district of Boston for almost 5 months. It was the most miserable 5 months. I was always tired. I put on about 30 pounds from all the eating out for lunch and pounding beers at Biddys bar across the street every night after work. Plus, I was unhappy.
Now I can say I'm happier than ever, and it's because I do jobs I love. I technically have 3 jobs, but they are broken up in a great work-life balance, and I love to do all of them. I'm a firm believe that you have to be happy at what you do, or you will never be happy.
Great read!


Thank you! Yes I'm certainly not trying to say that jobs are inherently bad - although they're only one among countless ways of generating income - but they HAVE to be something that's valuable and meaningful to you.

Lol I am with you but George Carlin covered it for those around me it seems lol
Some people see things that are and ask, Why?
Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not?
Most people have to go to work and don't have time for all that shit.


Is that a poem?

If people don't make the time to think about "all that shit", they have no one to blame but themselves.

There are these things called priorities - living a happy life is one of mine, therefore I make time to think about how to achieve it.


I do also now just have to get my redheaded friend to slow down a little lol...but she is a redhead 😈


My piece of mind floats lol

I agree with most of what you've said here - and you've said it well. However, I think that if you can find, or rather create, the right kind of job, it doesn't need to feel like "work."

There are jobs that offer the freedom to travel, to speak, to learn, write, and share ideas. The keyis fibbing the right ones.

And that requires the type of thinking you've illustrated here. Resteemed and upvoted!