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RE: What is the maturity of mind?

in #motivation3 years ago

Maturity of mind is when you listen to others, and understand them; when you are not indulge in useless discussions, and when you control your anger; moreover, I think when you judge people, form opinion about them, you need to understand that your wrong judgement may damage your relationship. Judgement tells your friend or partner that they are not OK being themselves. I think, when you judge people it is a sign of mental immaturity.


Your point of view may be correct coz it's your opinion. If you have ill, what will you do? you need some help apart from you ( Medicine, consultant, advice, intimate person to care you, rest, good healthy food, comfortable place etc, can you avoid it?) like our body, the mind also needs some healthy words and things to refresh it. The Mind is a very complicated one. we should reclaim it, that's why the great geniuses were born in the world, the temples, churches, and shrine places has been made. Judgement not for blame but for making correction and adjustment. What's your opinion about mentally disordered persons, culprits and criminals? Thanks for your comment.