The need to ACT.

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Almost everyone has a dream but for some reasons we refuse to act on them. For some, it is the fear of it being rejected by our friends or family. It is said that dreams that aren't acted upon are merely wishes . I have come to a crucial realization and it is this,

Anytime we let our dreams die without giving it a chance to live, we create and enforce for ourselves a new habit pattern which makes us indecisive.

It is true that some form of aid will be given to us along the way but the fact about this is "No one will do it for you as you would do it for yourself". Every single idea that comes into mind is worth something only if we would consider building it.

We need to act on our dreams not just because we are not alone on the journey. We will have kids, siblings, husbands or wives who would one day be in a situation that we may be of assistance. The Rockerfellers are an example of what I'm driving at. It started long ago for them when their great-grandfather decided to act on his dream which till date is still flourishing by the guidance of his great-grandchildren.

We need to act not for just our sakes because one day, somewhere, people will be happy to have your name because of what it will represent then.

Be bold and Act on your Dreams today for it is within that process that the greatest excitement in life lies.

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But the main enemy of man is his own laziness and fear?

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Yes oo, to make the dream become realistic we must do something, we should not shut it.

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