You can't win every time....

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I have always hated it when something doesn't go my way or a plan doesn't execute like it should have and someone says "well... you can't win every time".

As a child I absolutely hated losing anything. Actually, I still hate losing... I've just gotten a little better at dealing with it. When you think about how many 'losses' you probably have ahead in your life you better get better handling it or you won't get very far. I can accept that.


What I will never accept however is the losers mindset of "I can't win them all". In my opinion, if you enter any situation in this mindset, you're already preparing your emotions for a loss, and that's exactly what you'll get.

You don't need to hate losing less and less to get better at dealing with it. You have to get better at dealing with it to get better at dealing with it. If you end up being okay with losing eventually, then don't even bother trying.

You can win everytime. I can win everytime. The odds are there no matter how small. It's just a matter of you staying focused and ensuring that you have done everything in your power for it to go your way. If it doesn't? Well, you know that you did everything you could possibly do to win, leaving no stone unturned, and that's what matters.

If you lose and you can't say this, then that won't feel very good.

So next time someone says to you that you can't win every time, tell them "sure....But I can win now. I will leave every time to the end."

Thank you for reading!

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Thanks mate!