Elves and Tree Loggers part2

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Elves and Tree Loggers

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In a forest, there is a woodcutter named arjit. Everyday he works to cut down trees, but after being cut, arjit plant new tree shoots so that trees in the forest stay awake.

One day, the arjit ax dropped in the river, he was very panicked, because the ax was inherited from his father.
Suddenly there came a fairy named fairy Giaa, she saw arjit in panic then he asked "What's wrong sir? Why do you look sad?"
"My father's ax in the river! how can I cut the tree again? "replied the arjit sobbing.

Then, the elf giaa looks at a diamond ax and asks "sir, is this your ax?" Arjit just shook his head. Then the elf giaa shows a golden ax and asks again "is this your ax, sir?" "No, is not mine?" Arjit replied. Again the elf giaa shows an old and worn ax, then asks "Sir, is this yours?" With arjit spirit replied "Yes, it's mine .."

Then the elf giaa gave the three axes to the arjit and said "because you are honest, I will give these three axes". "Well, thanks for the elf giaa" said arjit jubilation.

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I like the message you want to convey with the story.
Try to make a small introduction indicating that the literary composition is your author among other aspects. You can also add a link with part # 1, This improves the presentation of your post.

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