Do you Procrastinate or Prioritize?

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Would you like to read this post as I write about how I procrastinate or prioritize on a few things I have been postponing for a long time because this might show you that you are just doing the same?

Do you Procrastinate or Prioritize?

You may have a few things that you want and need to do, but for some reason you have always put them at the bottom of your to-do list. This is why I am asking, "Do you procrastinate or Prioritize?"

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Do you Procrastinate or Prioritize?

I have several things that I have to do, but I have been postponing them for months. They are in fact tasks that I loved to do in the past, but just hate doing now, and this is because most of the time something happened that completely discouraged me from doing them.

This is why today, I am asking myself: "Do you procrastinate or prioritize?"

Do you Procrastinate or Prioritize?


Procrastination is when you delay things that should be done because you don't want or like to do them.

Prioritizing is when you arrange things in order of importance.

So, I have been procrastinating or prioritizing these things that I need to do?

Maybe a little of both.

In my work life, I prioritize tasks that are making me money the most and I have a minimum amount that I need to earn each month so all the bills can be paid, and I then have time to write Steemit blog posts, for example, which I do not see as an income activity.

My first priority is my clients.

I do not have a lot of them because I am very picky with the work I want to do and select only clients who want a long-time working relationship with me. I spend most of my time doing the best work I possibly can with them. In that case, I do not procrastinate because I like the work I am doing for them, and I receive payment for that.

Do you Procrastinate or Prioritize?


My second priority is my daily walk, fitness session and juice. It is not work, but it is for maintaining good health. When doing this, in fact, I lose money, because this is about one hour and a half every day that I could use working for clients.

Health has a cost!

My third priority is to drive my daughter to and from school, and then to go to the different extra lessons after school and on weekends, such as piano lessons, maths lessons, abacus lessons and French lessons. This is something that I chose and love to do because I do not have a job and my wife has then more time to work her business.

My fourth priority is all the things I want to do in my own business like blogging on Steemit or my two other WordPress blogs, learn and practice cryptocurrency trading, and anything else I'd like to do.

This is how I prioritize my life.

So, what have I been procrastinating for?

Or prioritizing at the bottom?

This is basically helping on a few things in my wife's business.

She has an *e-Commerce website selling children clothing and toys online and in the past I helped more doing some SEO, articles, a newsletter and an app. Right now the app needs to be redone as well as a new newsletter template and I have been putting that on hold for a long time.

Do you Procrastinate or Prioritize?



The app is totally broken because the service I was using banned the reseller I purchased a plan with and I had to remake the app on another interface with that same reseller. I made the app, and then that reseller is now just not publishing the app on the Apple and Google store. I paid $1,000 three years ago for a lifetime plan where they are to provide this service. They won't get more money from me, so they ignore my requests now.

That's a big discouragement and this made me hate making apps after having made about 60 of them. All I did is upload an app builder software on my own server this time, and I still have to learn that builder and make the app again. This could take a couple of days and that's so at the bottom of my list now, even though I am stressed to still have to do it.

The newsletter template is messed up because I need to remake the app first and also more than a year ago we closed the physical store to only work online, so a lot of information is not accurate. I forgot to mention that it is in Thai, like the app, and that really slows me down as I am not able to type the language. I need my wife's help to fix that and also to give me the content to send every week. We are both procrastinating on that one.

What do you think about the app and the newsletter?

Am I procrastinating or prioritizing?

I hope that this is useful for you if you have postponed certain tasks for a long time.

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Michel Gerard


I excel in prioritizing my procrastination ....

does that count ?

wow,i think i am Prioritize.

Thank you @mahadihasanzim for your comment.

Dear sir, very nice post. i think so Prioritize is totally depends on situation how your situation is change accordingly you have to work what do you think??
And always up vote for you

Thank you for your comment and upvoting me.

Very didactic, positively it is!

Thank you for your feedback @aumonde.

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