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Hello all, it has been a while i stepped in here. I have actually missed time spent on this platform.

Anyway, there are things my little study recently has taught me. Because i am preparing for another phase of my life. Hence i have to be prepared somehow even if just a little.

It amazes me to realise that most of us who are on a regular paid jobs love to pay for everything else and at the end of the day we blame the government for the state we find ourselves in the long run. Paying for everything, I mean we make purchases to the food seellers, the fashion designer, we pay for transport and many other things then at the end of the month we are left with little or nothing for ourselves. I mean to have a savings for ourselves.
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Some of the books i have read recently talked about paying yourself as the starting point to a finanacial freedom or wealth. The excuse is that the economy is tough and we need to meet our "basic" needs and so no way possible for us to pay ourselves by saving at least a 10th of our earnings.

I discovered that if i had started saving 10% of my earnings since I started working about 10years ago, i would be counting millions by now in Nigerian Naira. Probably the interest or children from that savings would have made more money for me. With this new mindset, I have started an aggressive payment to myself over a period of time to see if i can meet up a certain target.

I looked at what i have done so far. I have not done badly at all but it is not where it should be at the moment.

I encourage someone today, it is never too late to start paying yourself irrespective of your means of earnings. You deserve it, after all you worked for the money. Let it work for you in return. Be disciplined to save a 10th of your earnings for it to work for you in due time.

Never spend your seeds else there wouldn't be any to plant when it is needed.

Your savings are your seeds if there is going to be a bumper harvest.


I am @gloeze.


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