Learning from your own experience.

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Some things remain unchanged no matter how hard we try to get them changed, some people remain the way they are no matter how hard you try to make them change as well.

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Imagine teaching a child to put on his or her footwear in the right way and the child keeps on insisting that he or she will wear it in a wrong way, sometimes the best thing to do after trying for so long is to allow the child learn from his or her mistake, by the time the child falls down, then he or she will realize the essence of wearing foot wears properly.

I remember a friend once told me a story about how he was very thirsty while the family embarked on a long trip, when his parent wanted to get water for him, he insisted on having an ice cream instead.
His Aunt told him to get water which she believed will quench the thirst better than the ice cream, but he kept on crying for the ice cream without listening to his Aunt.

His Aunt got him the ice cream and their journey continued until he became very thirsty again, at that point he realized that water was much more important than ice cream at that period.
He learnt in a hard way to take priorities very necessary.
From his story, I understood that sometimes it is preferable that we allow people who are stubborn learn from their own story as it becomes an unforgettable experience for them.

The best thing is to learn from other people's story but for those who choose to remain stubborn to instructions given, I guess learning from their own story is not a bad idea as well.

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I have people around me that I’ve decided to manage them as they’re since I cannot change them. Likewise I myself, there may be some expectations that people are looking up from me which I might not met for them.

Experience is the best teacher, and we should also pay attention on what says about us, it’ll help us align ourselves.

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