Why Music Motivates Us To Get Stuff Done

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Music has been with humans throughout the centuries and can set us in different moods. For most people, music may be also used to motivate us in daily activities. Music motivation is especially useful in motivating us in our physical fitness routines, as detailed in the linked blog.

Why Does Music Have Such a Powerful Effect?

The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is located mostly in the spinal cord and can release adrenaline to increase heart rate and stimulate androgen receptors. Motivational music can stimulate the SNS to give one’s body an energizing effect when doing physical activity. Sounds that frequently change in frequency or volume is especially useful at triggering SNS, which may be found in trance, drum & bass, and other high-speed genres of music.

With your airways open and muscles stimulated, you will be prepared to face any daunting physical challenge. The stimulation of your SNS will also keep your alert and increase your reaction time so that you will be better prepared for sports or other mentally challenging activities.

Stimulating The Brain

Multiple parts of the brain may also be stimulated by music, making it suitable for more than just playing sports. Different type of music may have different positive attributes that may be beneficial in various activities.

According to a study published in Science Direct, sad music can help us interpret facial expressions. Their trials had shown sad music to especially help with interpreting neutral faces in comparison to other types of music. Such music is also shown to amplify and sway emotions in social settings.

With ambient music, it is shown to boost creativity in comparison to other types of music. It may be due to the lack of high noise levels in this type of music that stimulates the creative part of our brain. With just enough moderate noise in our music, it promotes more abstract thoughts.

In one study by the Heriot-Watt University, our preferences for certain types of music can form our personalities. For example, classical music fans had high creativity but tended to be introverts. Rock fans tended to be creative but lacked work ethic. Blues fans were well rounded in every attribute.

Types of Music To Boost Your Productivity:

Ambient Nature Music – It can increase cognitive function and concentration. This music may be useful while studying.

Epic Music Mixes – This type of music gives you the feeling that you are doing something big to change the world. If you are working on a big project, this music can motivate you.

White Noise or Minimal Tracks – This type of music is great in a work environment to tune out chatty coworkers and other noise.

Electronic Music – High paced electronic music may be the best music motivation for running, sports, or weightlifting.

Since there are so many types of music out there, try experimenting with different tunes to see which give you a boost for certain activities. You may find yourself more productive, creative, or you may discover joy in activities that were unpleasant in the past.

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It’s amazinh that we can relate to the music we listen to. There are some songs that remind me of certain relationships, or events that happened in my life. It truly is amazing.