That inner voice and the unknown.

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sea-2312623__480.jpgStepping into the unknown is never easy. There will always be that inner voice that will tell you to hold back so you don't fail, or move on so you win. Either way, that voice is what makes the unknown what it is.., scary and unpredictable.

What to do when this happens is never easy, but, you just have to remind yourself of what you already have and trust that, it is worth fighting for. When you do, you will be amazed at the results you will have.

I Feel Blessed!

The unknown is my favorite obsession because, it sets out to be that puzzle piece that will never be found on the table of play.
The unknown has a mind of its own and I can say with all surety that, it has more soul than the average man.
The unknown thinks, evolves, breaths and above all, it has an unwavering faith. How else do you think it gets to win most of the time?

It is a puzzle. puzzle-654963__480.jpg

To complete the puzzle, you must not go to the table playing fairly. Seek out the missing piece or pieces and arm yourself with it because unlike you, the unknown never plays fair and for as long as it lasts, it will always floor the man who has no idea what it takes to survive it.

One aspect of your win is hinged in your ability to never loose sight of what you have and being grateful that you have it.
Defend that which you already have and it will create for you a fine tuning that will allow you not get lost in the mace of the unknown.

Have faith, be strong and never stop believing that, you know more than you let out. Let the challenge to beat the unknown at its game, pitch you in the right direction.

My PoV.

I think the unknown is not really an unfamiliar turf. We have been there at one time in our lives but may mostly never remember.
I also believe that, what we seek from the unknown we already have but fail to appreciate them because, it didn't look hard enough.

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Thanks a lot dear @ejemai, the unknown is good in games but it takes calmness, diligence and appreciation to understand the rudiments of its game playing ability.

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Congratulations @maxdevalue on the comment milestone. That is some number.
Stay awesome!


Thanks a lot beloved

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