Small Increments 18-09-03

in motivation •  5 months ago

Time is a continuous stream, but our perception of it is discrete and rather unreliable to boot. Dear reader, right now is as good a point in time to start a new endeavour as any. And start incrementing!

I've started hashing out ideas for future posts just as I was starting writing my first one. I've considered and roughly outlined a few things, possibly to the point of procrastination -- that's why it took a while to coagulate, so to speak.

And I'll take a break here and now and doodle up a mountain.

YA-Here .jpg

"YA-Here" by @eccles, CC BY-SA 3.0

Distracting yourself productively during the day is an art I've yet to even digest. I've been in the wrong mindset about learning for so long that radically re-adjusting my whole daily routing can feel like going back to grade school! But it reminds me of that child-like sense of awe and inspiration we're so often nostalgic for.

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Es una buena manera de ir aprendiendo poco a proxima que ya sea en la cima