" Arizona Votes to Accept Tax Payments in Bitcoin " Steemit Writes Poetry

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This is the beginning of our great victory, I believe Arizona will approve laws to pay taxes with Bitcoin. Other US states will soon join, after which I expect the whole world to approve similar laws. When it looked at 2009, nobody knew what Bitcoin was, you could buy it for only 10 cents. Now we have more than 1500 currencies on the stock exchanges, the new generations are technically advanced, faster and have better performance. Today we make pictures on computers, we have a lot of effects that give magic to our art, but Monaliza is one and it's worth over $ 500 million. Bitcoin is the first, it has the artist's value Monaliza and always has the highest value on the market. The earliest currency is the paradigm and the constitution on which all other currencies are based, Bitcoin gave a lifelong idea and direction in the new digital world. See details on : https://www.investopedia.com/news/arizone-votes-accept-tax-payments-bitcoin/?partner=YahooSA&yptr=yahoo

This new era gets a new dimension of financial literacy, we participate in creating the destiny of future generations. Steemit is a new generation that has merged two new dimensions into one whole, the digital currency Steem and the social network Steemit. Steemit is the new generation of Monaliza, the value of Steem will reach the stars in 2018. Everyone has a chance to get rich, the value of Steem is still small, by the end of the year I expect that Steem will be worth $ 100. It's time to become more serious, we need to believe more about ourselves and the future of Steem and the world of new currencies. In our hands, we have a line of diamonds, the best currency in the world, we have the best social platform that is developing very quickly. Every day you do not spend on Steemit is lost, every dollar you invest in other things is thrown.


When we see things a little deeper , we have got a lot of knowledge and business in a project that brings us huge benefits. We expect the news and the changes in banking systems, which instead of paper will count digital currencies, basically we do not need banks anymore. I believe that we can buy with Steem everything in this world, we do not need other currencies because we have the best currency and best marketing. Now is the time to work full time and to promote Steemit and Steem to everyone in this world. It's not important for me to pay taxes with Steem when I get rich, it's important to realize our financial freedom. Many users tell me they do not have the money to invest in Steem, and they want to increase Steem Power - I tell them it's great when they do not have money, because now they have a big motive to earn as bloggers on Steemit. Smart work will bring you to the top, which means that you will be very successful and satisfied with your financial situation.

Steemit is such a good project that its performance and future sound like poetry. I decided to make poetry at the end of this post for all Steamians.

More Than Money On The Wings Of Enthusiasm

Knowledge has brought new joy to the digital empire of emotional senses.
We are proud pioneers of Steemit and wonderful wonders.

The beauty of friendship and gentle words brings a concrete smile in our work.
Steam Dollars is the ideal of every post and comment that leads us to the higher level of Steemit.

We lie on the shores of the new oasis in the beautiful fruit of digital currencies.
Emotions achieve new records in the waves of passion.

I like to live now and here, you gave me a chance to help the whole world.
I am grateful to your idea and the great support that grows in my heart.

This is the Year of Steemit

Believe in yourself @dobartim

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They may approve it, but it won't last long. BTC is an unwieldy form of payment and they will soon drop it due to it's difficulty.

This kind of adoption was required. I am sure it will encourage and bring competition for other companies and provinces so they will have to also allow it for transactions.


Exactly......and so it begins.


Exactly......and so it begins.

Sitting here in Arizona, which is a second home to me, I was flabbergasted when I heard the news that Arizona was getting ready to accept crypto for paying taxes. Yes. Our time has come. I was looking online for an airline that would accept bitcoin or any kind of crypto. I bet that this time next year, it will be a different matter and I will be able to buy a ticket to Canada with crypto.


I wish you all the best.

Every day you do not spend on Steemit is lost, every dollar you invest in other things is thrown.

@dobartim, thy words are golden and are laced with priceless chunks of wisdom.

I'll take this under advisement and find ways to invest in this soon.

As for the Arizona's vote, it's a welcome development and indeed a step in a positive direction.

Peace ✌


Thanks again for those magical words of wisdom.

2018 is definitely the year of steemit. More success and achievement to come


Sorry for posting link on your blog
Interesting post must check.
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Thanks and you too

great to know ...love the post


Welcome to Steemit

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Awesome, now who do we have to talk to over there about adding STEEM to the list? Who wants a transaction fee to pay their taxes?


Taxes are already a form of ever expanding transaction fee, don't sell the government your bitcoin under threat of illegal violence.

Government adoption of Bitcoin is bad because;

#1 Doing this will only devalue the currency by introducing government incompetence into an already efficient marketplace.

#2 The worlds #1 anti-government (decentralized) currency will become associated with violations of the NAP by its use to pay unlawful taxes to a central authority and tarnishes it's reputation.


on the other hand government regulation and acceptance will significantly reduce the risk which will bring much bigger players into the game which will increase bitcoin prices.


I am not smart enough to make a definitive call on this, but it seems ominous to me at best. The more the government gets involved with crypto the less "value" it will have. Perhaps not from a financial perspective (at first), but it seems to be opening the door (which they are already prying open) to government regulation with no resistance.

When BTC started @inertia told me about it. I got started and even mined enough that had I held onto it I would be debt free. I sold all but a fraction of one coin because I bet wrong. Still, I said then, and I hold to it now. It will be a miracle if the government (at the behest of the banks) allow crypto to ever become anything close to what it was envisioned as being.

In the mean time I will keep trying to grow my fraction of a coin and profit from Steemit as well. At the end of the day however, I find it incredibly optimistic to believe crypto will end up being anything other than another tool used or destroyed by the state in order to maintain the status quo.

I take it back, I am smart enough to know. Paying taxes with BTC is just stupid. If Satan is cheering for you, there is a good chance something is about to go terribly wrong.

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“Anyone who fights for the future, lives in it today.”

― Ayn Rand


Exellent future

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What a pleasure, I will follow you to know more things. Congratulations @dobartim


Thank you

very interesting. let me inform this to my friends in Indonesia.



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I love seeing cryptocurrency prevailing!!!

It’s like watching puppies play on clouds ;)


See you on the top

Cool, good news for the people who lives in Arizona.

Hopefully when they set a good example , other states and countries will follow soon :)


Of course

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This is amazing @dobartim


Welcome to Steemit


Yeah thankyou, i still learn how make a great post that many people vote on it

Found your post for the first time.

Keep sharing.. stay blessed. 😊


Exellent choice

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Good post! follow and upvote for you ;)


Thank you

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Wow I had no idea they were even considering that! Awesome :)

This is amazing for people who are turning towards steem.i think it will give enough of encouragement just to show off their potential and also get the desired results. Great news sir


You are welcome to the new world


I am just trying to find my feet here. And I am glad that you are helping me out with your precious feedback

This was a great. I was recently introduced in steemit by a friend. You're right the idea of work and friendship sounds music and as you said poetry to the ears. Everybody should be informed about steemit. Keep writing. By the way, I write. You can check my blog and upvote if you like anything. Would really appreciate your support.

Kegagalan adalah kesuksesan yang tertunda.

What an inspirational post @dobartim!

My hope is that new waves of passion will sweep the industry as well!

To a realist like myself, I think this is a good idea and a step in the right direction.


Of course, see you on the top

내가 생각했던 생각과 일치하며, 짧고 간결하게 잘 표현했다.
응원 합니다.당신의 글에..


Thank you

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wow! How amazing steemit brought into our life sir. im looking forward for what you said sir and i know it will really happen... This is the year of steemit and we will all accelerate

This is really good news, i believe in a decentralized currency and with the digital age here currency should be digitized. The vote is a big achievement for all crypto currencies and am sure the sky is the beginning for Steemit


Of course, Steemit is our future


A future i cant wait to see

That's nice it shows the world is fast growing and this is also a welcome development. I think other countries should follow suit

Pretty amazing and exciting to see Arizona propose this.

Every time I am, more convinced that cryptocurrencies will revolutionize the world, we are in the best platform of the 21st century, called steemit .. GOOD POST @dobartim

Thanks alot, your words are really inspiring. I'm a newbie.

Today pay taxes with it...Before you know it...Tied up as requirement to pay Student Loan Debt. It's just the beginning of the end for decentralized change we'd all hoped for.


More good news!, It is necessary to get more people to adopt the system in order to guarantee its use as a means of payment. This is an important start.

best news i have heard in a long time. the future is now old man!!!!!

Wow what a good news !!!I can't belive it when I frist seen.If other state really accept bitcoin that will be great good news for world And no change to quit bitcoin.
Thank you


Of course

Since there will only be 21M BTC coins in the world, does it make sense to pay your taxes using BTC? Do you really want to enrich the state government with BTC?


I agree with you, the Scarcity of BTC will push the value up with time...

The significance of this development is that State governments are going to start legitimizing the Crypto Industry if they allow you to pay via BTC. Governments becoming financial adopters of crypto will accelerate its rate of acceptance & global investment (ultimately raising prices significantly!).

It makes me happy to see news about more and more entities recognizing cryptos as currency, the future is looking good for cryptos, we may soon be free from fiat....woohooo!

There is magic in Ur words, it's such a magnetic post ..great work.

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Good post brother

I watched the news, in Russia, too, there are conversations to introduce taxes on cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are everywhere now. I just realized that when at the for began to convey not only the dollar, the ruble, and ... bitcoin)))

This is fantastic news. The more crypto gets recognised the better.

That's some really high-tech stuff. Starting from small steps, I think now even paper currency will vanish in coming era...

Congratulations @dobartim!
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Excellent your information. I'm from Venezuela, with this news and being in Steemit, it's great. Thanks for sharing good news.

thanks for the awesome post. i think i can help you to find out great facts about your related industry or catagory @sumaanraina