What We Need Is Consistency - My Chat with @geekis

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Hi Friends, it's @desmonddesk stopping by once again to encourage and inspire you there, especially minnows like myself. Some hours ago, I was having some conversation with my friend @geekis, guess what we were discussing. It was about our perpetual post low payouts, Lolz.

Actually, each time we get to meet or chat on messenger or WhatsApp, we brainstorm on how to develop ourselves to get better rewards from our time and contents on this platform and how we could add more value to the blockchain.

Our payouts, for now, may be relatively low compared to what we envisage and dream to see out of our contents yet I stay encouraged by the stories of people like @samstickkz. He often shares his story and experiences when he started out earlier on steemit platform, mheeeen… It seems we are luckier now.

You want to know why I said so.

Here’s it – now we have many people around us whom we could ask questions, seek pieces of advice, get recommendations and lots of supports etc. Especially those of us at @steemit-uyo and belonging to the @stach community, we have immense resources at our disposal put together by @ejemai and his team. All these supports are what they didn’t get when they started out.

@Surpassinggoogle is on his part is always digging out so much helpful information via his @steemsecreets daily posts, and supports for minnows through @teardrops, he keeps reminding us that everyone has something to offer.

I explained all these points and more to @geekis as reasons we came on the steemit platform at a better time. How about then also, the Value of SBD was super low. OMG! Compare the value now. Times are better now or Can’t you see?.

What we actually need right now, is consistency and continuous personal development.

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Consistency is where significance is considered, formed and birthed. Nothing of enduring goodness is ever attained without consistency.

Tony Robbins said something remarkable and I quote;

It is not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It is what we do on a consistent basis”.

The more consistent a man is at executing a task, the more capable he progresses toward becoming better at it. Consistency brings about energy which produces an effective power for the consistent.

Typically, failure and disappointment is an outcome of consistent inconsistency.

Aristotle said a man progresses toward becoming what he does over and over. All that is needed from us newbies/minnows is to keep putting in our bests and not give up so soon.

See yourself as a fighter. Real fighters aren't discouraged by even the most difficult situations.

Hence, note that success isn't for the unconvinced or the uncommitted; it is for those ready to stake their all for what truly matters to them. The consistent do unprecedented things, thus, they get exceptional results at last.

Let’s stay focused and work wonders on this platform.

I am @desmonddesk

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Alright @lucydico. Thanks for the information. I'm off the check out the page right away.


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You have inspired yourself and others with this post. Indeed we should keep developing and re-developing ourselves into a better person.