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I made up my mind a year ago that I had no time for worrying. This resolution came after the news of my father's demise got to me on campus. It was the worst time for such an incident - so I thought. But when really is the right time to lose a loved one? Things happens; live continues.

If I get a toothache, I don't worry about it until I can't bear the pain any longer, as I used to do. At the first twinge, I'm on my way to the dentist. There's no wisdom putting off the inevitable; you've got to go sooner or later - so I go sooner and avoid a lot of pain and anxiety.

Schopenhauer wrote;

"A certain amount of care or pain or trouble is necessary for every man at all times. A ship without ballest is unstable and will not go straight."
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One trick I use to avoid worry is this: whenever something happens that may cause me disturbance or trouble, I immediately think of the worst that can happen. As soon as I visualize that, I prepare myself accordingly, then forget about it.

So, instead of worrying without reason, so to speak - regardless of what's worrying you, what's the very worst that can happen? If the worst is not death, or the end of the world, prepare for it in the best way you can - then forget it.

Stop fretting over things that must be. Let's face it - there is nothing much you can do about a rainy day -except use umbrella. Another valuable truth is that, most of the things we worry about never happens anyway.


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IMG_2612.JPGwhy to be worry , if the problem can be fixed why worry if not why worry just enjoy life is short and beautiful

This your post make my moral high and also change my mentality about worrying on somethings.. The major thing I worry about is when am cashless, when am not financially balanced, I really worried alot.. But with this nice and encouraging words, I will not worrying again.. Thanks for this courage given..


Smiles... I can relate with you on the worry for not having money. But guess what. The worrying doesn't change anything. Does it? Wisdom is to go source for money.

Worrying makes you more vulnerable and build a feeling of misery. Lolz.

Thank you for reading my blog and sharing your experience.

Wow.. I'm so inspired by my this...
I'm sorry for the loss of your dad anyways but I'm sure that's part of what had molded you right!!


Yeah, sure bro!
It really came at the worst moment like i thought. I was about entering my finals in school, i was vying for presidency in my faculty student body. All the financial involvement. I needed him then more... But the reality was that he was gone.

Worrying wouldn't bring him back... So no need for worries. Brace up and move on. That was my resolution. To face the reality of life as it came.

Bro this is the most amazing thing i have read today. Mehnnn thanks for sharing


You're welcome. Thanks for reading my blog.

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