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RE: Bagaimana Menggunakan Steemit Ini Bekerja Untuk Anda Bukan Anda Bekerja Untuk Steemit..!!!

in #motivation3 years ago

Thank you for shared.. Agree with you, you had advice for newbie like me, and let me know whats shoes number do you use..? resteem your post


hahahahhahahahahah... you want my number shoes?40 aja ya,atau 41 hahahahhaha

I'll take it for my articles title "the man who advice me with 41th shoes number"

hhahahahahahahha.. kupikee na sedekah sipåatu saknyoe, lam seupot ku nak grop.. ahhahahah

Meunyoe di ek yum sbd meulambong lom ngon ngon itoken tabloe kiban gurei @binjeeclick, you're agree with lontuan?

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